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Jan 28 · 129
Holding On for Too Long
Goodbyes are apt to set the record straight,
as if we've stumbled through an iron gate;
Correctly now we take the hint from above,
there's nothing left for us not even love.
Nov 2021 · 229
Look to the heavenly skies above,
and follow your heart to the world of love;
Where night and day are always sure,
to lighten our moods in miraculous cure.

Follow the dreams of your desire,
don't let strangers put out the fire;
Family and friends will stay by your side,
while you enjoy this emotional ride.

Elegant movements among the clouds,
speak to the folks that gather in crowds;
To share the time we have on this earth,
each loving hour of bliss and mirth.

And when you're old and memory dims,
your mind will be filled right to the brim;
With glances of years that meant so much,
easily reached again through a sacred touch.

Saying goodbye to all you've known,
can cause frightening moments--overblown;
But grab onto those memories that rise within,
and follow the pathway--you're bound to win !
I wrote this several years ago, trying to inspire love and peace within our hearts, and encouragement to follow our dreams ! FM
Oct 2021 · 184
The Soul of Equity
Looking to turn the page of indifference,
spiraling out of control in our world;
Folks gather to share their misgivings,
about whether this will ever be cured.

In equity there's the soul of humankind,
we struggle to meet the expectations;
Of freedom to be who we are and accepted,
to some folks these feelings are just flirtations.

Yet it's important to realize we all have to gain,
the promise of love deep within our spheres;
And touching one another's hearts with understanding,
is the way to create a world without tears.

Without setting goals to be more compassionate,
to use the God-given sense of empathy within;
We're lost in a world that will soon crumble,
and be buried by the neglectful notions and sins.
Oct 2021 · 111
Starlight Fantasies
As images float before my eyes,
caressing the Autumn's velvet skies;
With multi-colored sparks they shed,
beyond the window beside my bed.

Gossamer angels of light and life,
teach wondrous tales to ease our strife;
While flying high in such a mystical place,
of constellations covering this saintly space.

The wonders of nature run through my mind,
while the opal moon shimmers like a dime;
I lie awake and watch the starlight fantasies,
which embolden my senses--feeling calm and free.

As I pull the covers toward my face,
yet wondering if reality has taken place;
My eyes close as sleep overcomes every care,
while the stars still twinkle in heaven's lair.
Oct 2021 · 400
Light as a Feather
Your touch keeps me awake at night,
its depth is like an angel's wing;
Light as a feather yet burns with desire,
you have always been my everything.

From first we met in the dawn of day,
the summer sun glowing strongly;
Your eyes sparkled like the ocean's waves,
I had never felt such intense longing.

Now it's Autumn and we're still together,
tied in knots of faded bittersweet berries;
The memories captured now in sheer delight,
our hopes are glorious with no time for worries.

We're off on a journey to stake our claim,
the winds will soon shift in our direction;
We'll never be lost as long as we live,
every day is filled with love and affection.
I found this among my older was an "homage" to my husband and our everlasting love. I could change it, but I'll keep it short and sweet !  FEM
Sep 2021 · 108
Leaves of Gold
The rustling leaves of golden hue,
tell the story of Autumn's view;
They glimmer and glow like the stars,
which shine in the indigo sky afar.

And when they fall they tell the truth,
of Autumnal descension upon our roof;
Setting the table for cold and frosty air,
that fills our lungs and keeps us aware.

Our hearts rely on Autumn's pleasures,
to assure us all of the Lord's holy treasures;
And when the breezes blow hard and fast,
we realize Summertime could never last.

With memories clear of September smiles,
watching sapphire rain that flows for miles;
And when misty October opens its door,
the luxurious sites of scarlet endure !
Sep 2021 · 138
Clear Eyed in the Cosmos
While losing a sense of inevitable discovery,
and wandering from the galactic ambiance;
I paint a portrait along with the waning stars,
which guide me into a cosmic trance.

White light pierces the hectic scramble,
of planets divulging their intimate secrets;
And asteroids crash into the sea of silence,
where an unworthy moon reveals its regrets.

Calming the chaos within this mystical space,
bringing forward a myriad of sins not forgiven;
The sun delights in a showering of angelic force,
which commands the light of day to enliven.

Clear eyed yet wondering how all this matters,
when the rain and wind can disrupt the visions;
Of celestial peace which appears to scatter about,
the revelations rising from fear and delusions.
Sep 2021 · 83
While mysteries surround us in every way,
and we find ourselves wandering every day;
Those eerie voices that subjugate reality,
attack our inner selves with regularity.

A maze of sinister plots begins to appear,
within the galaxy of our cosmic fears;
And no rest or respite from the curse,
leaves a withering light to remain dispersed.

Awareness often brings us to the surface,
of things necessary to pursue our purpose;
But confusion can reign without a doubt,
especially if starkness of mind wins out.

How difficult to master the sullen sphere,
without finding a world beyond our tears;
Releasing the sadness as we try to ascend,
the notions overwhelming us to the end.

Life often brings such ageless quandaries,
confusing each moment with their boundaries;
While emitting sources which seem unsure,
if such puzzles relent to seek a cure.
Aug 2021 · 185
Mysteries surround me everywhere,
those incomprehensible puzzles;
Which take me to the oddest places,
in my mind, I'm quite befuddled !

Throughout my youth I was lonely,
hiding away in the attic with books;
And music that would assuage misery,
every evening I crawled through nooks.

I recall how mesmerized I could be,
by the power of the written word;
I sought to write about my torment,
but was afraid I wouldn't be heard.

With the wafting of each musical strain,
it was easy to imagine and pretend;
I'd hum along with pristine tunes,
sending my heart into such a spin !

I'm still that shy person who wanders about,
with visions swirling through my head;
Yet somehow despite my complex existence,
within me, there's no fear nor dread.

Befuddled as I may always be,
the language of love and life will endure;
I'll see a sign posted on the road one day,
beckoning me toward an open door !
Aug 2021 · 832
Welcome it, everyone, with open hearts,
from feathery wings of angels;
Its clarity washes away each tear,
and blankets us from all angles.

The evergreens swathed in oyster white,
exquisitely aligned with holly berries;
Which light up the yard in rosy glow,
and comfort us from our worries.

No longer alone the cardinals fly,
and meet their mates high above;
Cheerfully sitting upon the branches,
nestling together with wintry love.

Gracefully floating through the air,
like delicate lace from times long ago;
While we watch this glorious solstice scene,
enchanted by the sight of first snow !
Aug 2021 · 249
Somewhere in the Night
A backwards glance into infinity,
where remnants of memory fill the pages;
Of nightly whistling from trains at the station,
worn and tired yet oddly engaging.

Time seems to move on so slowly,
rearranged but distinct and intense;
We turn over in our bedtime ritual,
as each witching hour eerily descends.

Long ago we could hear in a whisper,
that fearless wraiths send us nightly stories;
And dawn brings us sleepless sunshine,
casting its beams searching for eternity.

Somewhere in the night we closed our eyes,
while spirits provoked by myths and legends;
Were sainted souls projecting cosmic signs,
which swirled 'round about toward the heavens.

Ethereal notions then crossed into darkness,
where nothing can be easily explained;
But in the night our whispers still linger,
along with the screeching of infinity's trains.
Aug 2021 · 93
Meditation on Autumn
The maple trees turning to amber and bronze,
cool, brisk winds running through my hair;
Skies of blue changing to purple and gold,
as Autumn brings us her loving care.

Summer is gone now--we can't go back,
to the lazy sounds and warmth of the sea;
Standing near the beach on the eve of Fall,
ocean waves start to crash with ferocity.

Children skip off to school in sweaters,
and can soon see their breath in the air;
Pumpkins grow round and full in the garden,
ripe and ready for this year's County Fair.

Cornstalks emerge, tall and graceful are they,
the new harvest is about to begin;
With its honeyed apples, pears, and walnuts,
filling straw baskets to carry within.

There's never a time when Autumn fails,
its storms bring refreshing rains;
And the moon is golden and frosty at night,
after a crimson sunset of fiery flames.

This transition time between seasons,
is something we can all taste and touch;
It brings with it great hopes for tomorrow,
which we'll welcome and cherish so much.
I'm a bit early, but my favorite time of year will soon start. Being a child of October, Autumn is in my blood ! FEM
Aug 2021 · 67
In the Clouds
With life's confusion and delusions,
and every day another quandary;
I feel as if I'm flying upward,
to escape all the pain and worry.

It takes a moment to realize,
how truly lovely the world can be;
Within the sky's reflection now,
wonderment is all I can see.

So why would I leave this place,
in order to melt into sadness ?
Why should I return to my home,
when upon me falls such gladness ?

Home is where the heart is,
as the saying surely goes;
But now that I'm up in the clouds,
my happiness is all that shows.
Aug 2021 · 91
It comes in spurts, the words and the visions,
sometimes jumbled, and other times clear;
Fascinating stories to flesh out on paper,
images that haunt us from far and near.

Pick up that pencil and sketch the soul,
in phrases both mellifluous and mellow;
Continuing to erase, over and over again,
until the piece uncovers its intimate flow.

Resting, then wondering if thoughts relent,
pausing, then swirling inside your mind;
While taking a chance that others will get,
the message you've molded and left behind.

A fabulous thing to entertain our gifts,
regardless of what the outcome may be;
The torture of creativity can rule your heart,
yet the process leaves you open and free.
Aug 2021 · 60
Golden Threads
When children ask adults questions,
our answers seem to descend;
Into a melting *** of confusion,
secretly hiding all truths and trends.

We want to set things straight for them,
through our wonders and visions of light;
But often our words spawn more questions,
while wrestling with demons in the night.

There are many complex issues in life,
enough so, that we'd rather forget;
How the universe is changing quickly,
and we cannot handle our own regrets.

It's simple just to close the door,
and fill our lives with faint illusions;
Yet somehow the sun comes up each day,
reflecting more than our delusions.

Children deserve our forthright honesty,
despite the apparent horrors and dread;
And we'll find a way to cushion the fall,
sewing their thoughts with golden threads.
Aug 2021 · 78
Shared Dreams
The only time I ever shared my dreams,
was when I felt I could trust my love;
To someone who would keep me safe,
and visualize those dreams from up above.

We'd talk into the wee hours of the night,
while eating pancakes and sausage at 3 AM;
I swore to myself to never let him go,
as we melted into one another like winter's snow

For life seemed so protected and fulfilled,
as if my heart was wrapped in cellophane;
The beating of it stirred my aching soul,
I was finally free from all the hurt and pain.

Simplistic it may seem but for many years,
the men I truly thought would treat me well;
Had turned on me as soon as they could fly,
so far away... as if they were under a spell.

But I knew this was quite different at the start,
someone genuine and real appeared before me;
And with his gentle manner and caring ways,
I could see our future lives pass right before me.
for my husband
Aug 2021 · 206
A Natural Thing
Once I passed by a child who was crying,
an ocean of tears dripping down her cheeks;
I had no way of knowing her dilemma,
she touched her lips as if she couldn't speak.

We wandered down the street to the bakery,
where I bought some milk and chocolate cupcakes;
Her ragged dress was smeared with oil and dirt,
she finally smiled when gobbling down the cake.

How many other children lay in wait for us,
to help them get their daily needs attended ?
We went to a nearby Thrift Store for some clothing,
and I found a little dress that needed mending.

I took her to my home and fixed the dress,
by that time her eyes began to shine;
I'd never seen such a look of gratitude,
and she took her hand and placed it into mine.

By now, this young lady is back with family,
the poorest of the poor they certainly are;
So when you see someone whose needs are ample,
please lend a hand and be their "superstar" !
"People, who need people...are the luckiest the world."
Aug 2021 · 83
Perhaps the moon is a prophet,
and the sun its sister;
Perhaps the grass could be greener,
and the clouds are just blisters.
And the rain is devilish in its daring,
and birds don't sing at all;
Perhaps Summer is really winter,
and Spring is really Fall.

'Round goes the carousel of life,
a kaleidoscopic backwards view;
That captures the imagination,
in seeing days and nights askew.

Perhaps we're all invisible,
just wraiths who've lost our way;
Perhaps blue is red and red is blue,
how can we know this isn't a game ?

Yet heaven dwells within us all,
God promised He would deliver;
a sunny day and rainy skies,
and cold that makes us shiver.

The world is ours, the world is His,
that's all we need to know;
Trust in faith for all humankind,
and the smallest hearts will glow...

Aug 2021 · 88
At the end of every twisted road,
there's a subtle sense of victory;
Relief in signs of breathless sighs,
restoring our pride and dignity.

Calamitous routes in honored claim,
now reveal a robust history;
For those who've conquered what remains,
from their uncommon curiosity.

In reaching back among the crowd,
we hear the chanting sounds' velocity;
That will grant a waging war of words,
far beyond its sheer ferocity.

While the broken pieces of the day,
are cleverly tossed and scattered;
For winning never seemed to be,
the thing that truly mattered.
A catch-22 scenario !
Aug 2021 · 43
One with the Night
We lay naked in our little hideaway,
after exploding with passion and love;
Our touches seemed to set us ablaze,
like fires stirring from the sun above.

You wrapped yourself in my innocence,
entering me powerfully yet tenderly;
The moment seemed to last forever,
and with you I was completely free.

We lingered in the shadows of intimacy,
as the sunlight waned in a crimson dusk;
We kissed one another with burning lips,
pulling us under the crashing waves of lust.

Then we lay in darkness--breathing deeply,
caressing--longing for another drench of rain;
As you entered me, quenching my desire,
we were one with the night once again.
Aug 2021 · 68
Soul Fever
The spirit within us grows and grows,
entering each phase in complex rows;
We're born to succeed in finding peace,
with the heavens blossoming in relief.

But often we stray toward evil ways,
and our spirit rebels against this phase;
So our fight with Satan has just begun,
for somehow we've strayed far from the sun.

In feverish attempts to lend ourselves toward,
a world that's humble not sowing discord;
We say our prayers nightly to God above,
that He show us His pure and eternal love.

We spend our lives trying to evade,
the ghosts which hauntingly conquer grace;
Yet it's often in wonder we watch the sky,
deliver us from evil as the moon passes by.
Aug 2021 · 68
Carried on the Wind
The ever pervasive thoughts within my mind,
have scrambled images which appear unkind;
Where ghosts of yesterday's haunting power,
can fuel one's fears each day from hour to hour.

As breezes blow through all the trees outdoors,
shaking leaves and dropping them on nature's floor;
I watch how autumn has arrived with chilly air,
and wrap myself in its vision of captive flair.

Yet with the passage of time the daylight fades,
relentless is the wind which carries each phase;
Of multi-colored life toward new tomorrows,
that still cannot erase my pain and sorrows.

But carried on the wind we find saving grace,
somehow the ghosts of lifetime's past are erased;
I breathe a blessed sigh which seems to calm me,
with the missives carried on the wind beside me.
Be open to new possibilities when the seasons change !
Aug 2021 · 84
Stormy Weather
The sting of useless, empty-headed comments,
from someone you have always cherished;
Brings forth a sudden sense of insecurity,
and rattles the beliefs you once had treasured.

I tried not to listen to her rantings,
she had been under a great deal of stress;
But the more her words stuck to me like magnets,
and led to a state of confusion and duress.

This person who promised to be my friend,
now wound up and attacking me with shards;
Of glass-like pieces cutting like a knife,
and woeful stories that I needed to discard.

Using reason seemed out of the question,
so I followed my heart to save my soul;
No matter how long you've known someone,
there's still a place for compassion and control.

I feel relieved now that I've escaped this pain,
unsolicited and unworthy of time together;
Being true to oneself takes strong self-assurance,
which I came to know despite the 'stormy weather'
Sometimes, you just have to walk away ! Sad, but true.
Aug 2021 · 42
Crossing Over
Committed to a life of joy and peace,
how disappointed to discover it otherwise;
Sailing about in the azure waves,
where no one could hear my cries.

Then my skiff is caught in a lightning flash,
a course correction needed to sustain;
From the forceful rocking, reeling and shaking,
then tossing over in the blackest rain.

Tears blending with the salty air,
I manage to get control of the tumbling;
Soaked to the skin I arrive at the deck,
and climb up ahead of a fearsome rumbling.

The wind was whipping around the bay,
then tossing me further into an abyss;
Perhaps I've imagined what was happening,
but I was overwhelmed with sheer bliss.

Light beamed ahead and startled my eyes,
and suddenly there was such relief;
I'd crossed over into the promised land,
no words did I dare to speak...

A vision appeared and calmed my soul,
no more anger, frustration and fear;
The tears dissipated and there I stood,
and my purpose was finally clear.

Keep my head up high and don't regret,
the mistakes of the recent past;
Reject the hurt and chaos of today's world,
and help folks conquer their everyday tasks.
the answers lie within ourselves, but we often need to "lose control" before they're discovered. The sea IS the place to BE !
Aug 2021 · 40
Letting Go
He stood outside my window wanting attention,
I couldn't believe he'd be so bold;
I looked across the quad with hesitance,
as he shook and shivered from the cold.

It was evening now and snow had fallen,
in curious shapes of winter's delight;
I watched him as he let them gather,
his eyes were dark yet shining like the night.

Oh, truly--how much I wanted to let him,
come into my world for just an hour;
But we had grown apart in many ways,
and our emotions became raw and sour.

It's gratifying to have a college memory,
even though the aching still applies;
I backed away from my dorm window,
and silently spoke the words of our goodbyes.
Aug 2021 · 318
The old clock sat staunchly in the corner,
with such a stalwart stance;
It rang out with every hour's time,
like a memory of ancients past.

The table set for five was stilled,
with dust and dirt piled high;
Each window in the yellowed kitchen,
was cracked from the cold outside.

A slate-gray sky hung overhead,
threatening the town with early snow;
a young man listened to the roaring wind,
And a tear fell from his eye.

He used to live in this broken place,
with his wife and children at his side;
But the crops were mighty thin this year,
to his family, he bid a sad goodbye.

Now what to do with these remnants,
of a loving life he had known;
A garbled prayer slipped past his lips,
while his heart turned into stone.

Yet memories have a certain way,
of stirring our fervent desires;
With the storm approaching quickly,
he set out to light a fire.

And within the flames he caught a glimpse,
of the force behind all his dreams;
Which lifted him from his sadness and grief,
and willed his soul to be redeemed.
Jul 2021 · 76
Dry Your Tears
My dear friend, the chaos is finally diminished,
the frantic hours of pain and conflict have finished;
Awaken to the easy, open breath of life today,
knowing the darkest clouds have now blown away.

You've suffered silently for so long this year,
never asking anyone else to quell your fears;
The urgent need to be respected and accepted,
you kept within your heart, afraid to be rejected.

But those scary moments that corrupted your mind,
were coming from a world of a much different kind;
The messages you received were jumbled and cruel,
they brought you far away from the 'golden rule'.

Now there's truly peace within these garden walls,
as if a mystical aura has enveloped and enthralled;
Your quiet prayers toward heaven were received;
so dry your tears, your soulful words brought sweet relief.
Jul 2021 · 56
Fly Away
When I talk to the flowers and the trees,
I whisper gently so no else hears me;
It's my very own language that I share,
with the gifts from Nature, alive and aware.

Someday I'll follow a lonely bird's flight,
from the day's hours to the dark of night;
I'll sing his sweet song along with my own,
and cuddle softly within his nesting home.

An exquisite trip I'll take through life,
devoid of anger, frustration, stress, and strife;
I can be anyone, or anything I'd like to be,
perhaps morphing into a branch of a maple tree.

Yes, I'll fly away to parts known and unknown,
I'll leave my fears with the fairies and gnomes;
And in the crystalline dawn of early morning,
there'll be my secret thoughts, forever churning.
Jul 2021 · 98
Delusions Defied
Slowly the wheel turns 'round and 'round,
defying every superstitious claim;
That only fear surely lies ahead,
as wicked sorcerers have proclaimed.

In a conspiracy of reckless gallantry,
the people appearing restless and tired;
Like the embers flying through the sky,
from a raging, roaring and ceaseless fire.

The clock tells time but no one cares,
to know if the hour has finally come;
When spirits' light or devil's darkness,
will erase the quandaries within their homes.

They sob and pray till their voices falter,
with hopelessness from the perilous days;
Until an angel appears singing out with love,
and a promise their souls will soon be saved.

Feeling worthy now--their emotions quite shaken,
from discovering faith within the realm;
For only charity's gifts can conquer hate,
and horrors dissolve through peace and calm.
Jul 2021 · 96
Life Passes By
The waves of years that carry along,
our ocean of thoughts where memories belong;
Compel us all to do our part,
to ignite the passions within our hearts.

How quaintly do our treasures speak,
like stones that fall along the creek;
In mellow moments we sit and stare,
and wondering if we ever cared.

While looking back upon the days,
which sheltered us from sunlight's blaze;
As falling rain disperses each thought,
in cascading drops to cure the drought.

Our hearts and minds can be uplifted,
from spiritual notions which are gifted;
In heaven-sent moonlight from above,
the craving redeemed by eternal love.

And round and round and round we go,
our illusions parting like melting snow;
Life passes by but we've been blessed,
in ways that soulful winds caressed.
Jul 2021 · 76
Guiding Light
He stood so close to me,
I could feel his breath, smelling of crisp apples,
for it was autumn and we walked briskly through
the winds of change.

His long blue-black hair and celadon eyes,
captured me immediately. The slanted sun touched
his face with a coral glow as we gathered our books
and headed to his dorm.

He stopped suddenly, gently brushing his hand
through my hair,
pulling at the longest strands of auburn, then releasing
them quickly as if he'd gone too far.

I waited to see what would happen next;
the wind caressing his charcoal locks, and
swinging my red scarf in the cold, fresh air.

There was a burst of light snow, fluttering down
on us as we said goodbye. He always called me
"sport" as he knew my love was raging within me,
but he was "spoken for" by the girl back home.

Still, I wonder, if it were a different time and place,
would he have been the one. I cherished my time with him,
brief as it may have been...

And now he's with God, after a lifetime of success and joy
with his girl from home. I'll always feel blessed to have
known him; to have laughed, sung, joked, shared lunches, and cried on his shoulder about life's foibles.

Thank you, dear sir, forever. At 21, you were my guiding light !
for Elliott, SHALOM, and RIP !
Jul 2021 · 60
Seeking Rainbows
The children played through rainy days,
just so they could see a rainbow;
It didn't happen as they'd hoped,
the sky never put on a show.

A blazing sun peaked through the trees,
and the children forgot their mission;
Turning toward their folks imploring now,
could we please have your permission ?

To take a hike into the nearby woods,
where squirrels and rabbits play;
"We promise that we won't take long",
so their elders gave them an "O.K."

They danced about the swirling fountain,
at the entrance of the jade-green forest;
Then took a trip down to the lake,
where they could lounge and take a rest.

When suddenly a burst of lightning,
carved its way through the maple trees;
Wild thunder pounded with all its might,
the wind blew harder with each breeze.

Well, the children hid inside their tent,
until the raging storm had passed;
And waiting for them in the sky above,
was a precious gift from God at last !

A rainbow carved its way across the sky,
red, yellow, green, and purple light;
Magical moments filled their hearts,
as they laughed and cheered in sheer delight.

Remember, when you least expect it,
a rainbow may come into view;
And somehow the chaos of life relents,
for the world will begin anew.
for my nephews
Jul 2021 · 83
Favorite Things
As I glance around my corner room,
a place that I call home;
The walls glistening in pearly white,
bringing peace when I'm alone.

My writing desk of hearty oak,
is carved quite intricately;
With books and papers piled high,
all arranged meticulously.

A tiny table sits by the window,
and placed there with supreme delicacy;
Is my collection of porcelain flowers,
imbuing a sense of serenity.

A Queen Anne's chair near the fireplace,
gleams in a vivid, azure blue;
With a comfy quilt of rosy pink,
lay waiting for me at noon.

The flowing diaphanous curtains,
allow rays of pale sunlight today;
While my tea-tray tempts my appetite,
for luscious tastes of scones and Earl Grey.

I could not ask for any finer things,
to set my eager mind at rest;
What a lovely way to face the world,
with a life that's genuinely blessed !
My "dream office" where I could write, play music, gnash on goodies, and just RELAX !
Jul 2021 · 60
Suddenly, it's Night
Where did all the time go ?
with my life in such a whirl;
The daylight mists have worn away,
the moon is red and curled.

Blinking my eyes continually,
in outrageous rhythm to the sounds;
Which perpetuate my lasting frenzy,
and lift my soulless being from the ground.

In twirling amazement the moon changes,
from red, to yellow, then to whitest white;
Inside my heart those colors spark dread,
and fearfully I hide myself from sight.

In blazing fireworks depicting notions,
that came to me inside my mind;
I look out and see a massive darkness,
a blackness seared through humankind.

Then peace becomes a fleeting ideal,
corrupted by the woes and sorrows;
Of everyone who seeks to covet the stars,
stacked against the canvas of bleak tomorrows.
Jul 2021 · 106
Is it Worth the Struggle ?
The streets are lined with coal-dust,
the trees stand still and bare;
I wonder if the earth will turn,
it seems no one would care.

Alarming all the citizens,
the trash sits on the curbs;
And people scowl at one another,
whether in the Cities or the 'Burbs.

Is it really worth the struggle,
living days and nights like this ?
Why didn't we listen to experts,
who warned us of the abyss ?

Global warming has taken over,
the sun grows hotter every day;
We swelter in the moonlight,
as the whole world goes astray.

We've yet to learn to make a change,
in how we treat our blessed home;
Overturning the madness before us,
remember--we're not at all alone.

Fervently, we pray for guidance,
from an eternal source of grace;
And if the words are strong enough,
there's a chance we'll rescue this place.
In New Jersey, it's been 100 degrees or more for over a week, and will go on for the next few days. Climate change is upon us, and we should work to stop it while we still can ! FEM
Jul 2021 · 151
Clouds of Perception
Annoying thoughts can color dreams,
which proselytize their wanton schemes;
Intriguing worlds come into play,
while clouds of perception waste away.

The doldrums of this mournful scene,
can shatter hopes of a life serene;
A struggle lasts beyond the days,
in melancholy moments here to stay.

How do the clouds relieve our pain,
in subtle spaces which shall remain ?
Among the woolly white of fluff,
destructive signals call our bluff.

How soon the notions that perceive,
a chance to grow, a chance to grieve;
For when the night calls to the clouds,
it wraps the daylight in its shroud.
Jul 2021 · 106
Higher Ground
This wretched war of twenty years,
has finally come to an end;
Our soldiers and our pilots know,
coming home is around the bend.

The sacrifices our folks have made,
to bring aid to a foreign land;
With hesitancy they leave this place,
as the U.S. government has planned.

Yet while we save our very own,
many folks are still left behind;
who supported us and fought along,
our forces in this treacherous time.

Please, save the Afghan interpreters,
and those who nursed us when in need;
It's our duty to see they have a place,
of peace and calm--it's in our creed.

Let's cheer them well and bring relief,
from the enemies we've bravely fought;
We're bound by our word, the President said,
or else these heroes will be forgotten.

To higher ground our spirits soar,
when citizens pledge with honor;
For AMERICANS are the fortunate ones,
who live freely each passing hour.
Jul 2021 · 140
You're still a child who spends her days,
in the solitude of your tiny nursery;
One doll is all you need for comfort,
like you, she's lonely, but feels free.

Inside your mind you're a princess,
who roams the halls of a palace;
With your pretty doll for company,
there's no sadness and no malice.

Yet whenever the sun floats into view,
your heart fills with some remorse;
Secluded still, beneath an azure sky,
time has followed its natural course.

A child is meant to run and play,
to be outdoors to cheer the daylight;
Katrina, please, put your doll to bed,
then open the door to a world of sunlight !
Jul 2021 · 62
For All Those Yesterdays
For all the crazy mixed-up days,
that sowed the seeds of future ways;
Gratefully we've said our last goodbyes,
to worn out notions before our eyes.

From those we've learned our very best,
and conquered fears put to the test;
Discovering paths that we should follow,
while reaching out for better tomorrows.

Lying in bed with rambling thoughts,
of ideals that bless our hopeful hearts;
Within our souls we sought to be,
as strong and solid as a maple tree.

And all the stars aligned in style,
urging us through the holy aisle;
Our spirits soared beyond the hills,
as tranquility settled within our wills.

For those who never felt the power,
of encouragement from hour to hour;
Regret is sadly among your fate,
for not trusting the outcome of life's debate.
A much older piece that needs some work, still, I'd like to share some of
the 'back-story' ! Thanks for reading, FEM
Jul 2021 · 329
On My Own
The naked world defines my sorrow,
and leaves me hungry for more;
Of cherished moments under the sun,
with salt-sea kisses from a distant shore.

While lapis light shoots from the sky,
my heartbreak trends toward the stars;
Which hold my thoughts in shining array,
creating images that carry my scars.

Still wounded and faint I walk alone,
seeking solace from the nightly echoes;
Which color my sadness and regret,
leaving me cold as the winter's snow.

If this is the time I fade away,
then perhaps it's only a dream;
A phantom notion that plagues my soul,
reaches its heights--finally peaceful and serene.
Jul 2021 · 301
Secrets Once Revealed
An overflow of salty tears remains,
in hearts that covet love unrestrained;
The faded colors blanched and undefined,
with no more reasons left or undermined.

In quiet rooms that tell the tales beyond,
a world renowned for catastrophic bond;
Rises up and quells the cursed interference,
dismissing painful shadows in adherence.

The awesome glow of firelight brings pause,
to secrets gleaned from past events and cause;
No other sights diminished in the sphere,
dividing worlds of comfort far and near.

In due time these secrets have their way,
of revealing angry voices gone astray;
Yet wonders of the starlit sky commence,
in carrying missives in profound repentance.
Jul 2021 · 69
From the Terrace
Sitting in the nearly faded sunlight,
feeling early summer's warmth--
As its mercurial rays bounce about,
then linger on the wicker chairs,
and soaring upward to the still and stalwart
birch trees--
an occasional breeze dropping leaves on the
red-brick yard below.

Above us glows the day's calm and azure
Where floating clouds paint a softened view,
and the sun continues to shine on the sea-green
waters of the pool--
Appearing like dancing diamonds.

My arms and legs shift delicately--
to catch the rays of the 'golden god' of the Solstice.
With flushed cheeks I then observe the birds,
nestling among the trees,
preparing for the season--their voices singing
through the white-hot zephyrs.

The stage now set for a glorious afternoon,
as the children jump into the pleasant spring
of celadon waters--splashing, howling, screeching
with laughter--
Enjoying life, as it should be !
On vacation down the shore, resting after a swim, observing the view from the porch at the B&B !
Jul 2021 · 108
Assured and calm the summer rose,
along the bold and steamy land;
With burning rays of sunlight's heat,
the sultry nights of love abandoned.

Sweat poured from my face easily,
as I sat on the wrap-around porch;
With a large tumbler of mint iced tea,
refreshing briefly as the night air scorched.

It was then I recalled the sweet sea air,
where I could run down to the shore;
And with a shout I'd dive into waves,
that cooled my fever to the core.

My mind wandered to that very place,
which brought me peaceful hours;
I'd lie on the sandy beach alone,
with no worries or cares to ponder.

But reality has a way of catching up,
to imagined dreams of heavenly tides;
Taking one last sip of the now warmed tea,
the restless night brought me inside.

And there my lonely bed lay in wait,
no one around to soothe my brow;
The heat brought on a sobering sleep,
escaping visions from the here and now.
Jul 2021 · 137
Back to Basics
The day seems to float like wind-song,
its music carries my heart along;
Today blends wearily into yesterday,
and tomorrow I fear will fade away.

Inside my mind the whistling starts,
a tune which smothers and tears apart;
The waking stream of consciousness,
through mystic strains we all possess.

"Back to basics" seems a somber line,
for the hours spent assuaging time;
Learning how to play life's game,
while sharing moments--all the same.

Admitting things have gone awry,
one kiss and then we say goodbye;
Across the mellow fields of lavender,
we close our eyes and dance forever.
Jul 2021 · 142
The Rushing Waters
Living in a city devoid of nature's gifts,
I'd escape to the country for a respite;
Here the air was supple and fresh,
lingering softly through the sunset.

I'd skip stones into the lake of emeralds,
where the fish were at home to swim;
And deer would gather for a sweet drink,
before the afternoon daylight became dim.

A long trek to mountains ahead of me,
rescued my mind through mystical places;
It's as if I were miles away from the city,
while I visited these heavenly spaces.

Rushing waters from a nearby waterfall,
awakened me to the wonders of nature;
Their sparkle jumped from stone to stone,
and I watched like a curious wanderer.

This entire adventure made clear to me,
as I rolled out my bedding to sleep;
These picturesque visions would remain alive,
as treasured memories I would always keep.
Jul 2021 · 45
Never Walk Alone
I've pondered all the dreams that heaven sent me,
and wandered far away to find my home;
It seems my mind is taking me through darkness,
but never do I fear I'll be alone.

The world is such a wonder to behold,
it casts a giant shadow but still remains;
A window to our hearts and souls together,
where nothing fails when hopefulness is gained.

I can feel the tender grasp of windswept rain,
showering me with gems of universal calm;
The sweetness of the water shines within me,
for outside its softness clings like a gentle balm.

Alone I've been--yet never, ever wanting,
for material things which many have desired;
For my walk through life has always been a pleasure,
while inside my bones there burns a raging fire.

It stirs my steady focus through the quandaries,
and the boundaries set by those who stake their claims;
Wilder than the beasts that live among us,
are scores of spiritual yearnings which remain.
Jul 2021 · 53
August Moon
Burning high above the clouds,
a late-summer moon on display;
Warns us that our days are few,
'till the solstice will fly away.

In August the moon is wistful,
despite its white hot light;
Reminding us that Autumn's near,
leaving behind a summer's delight.

The nights are still warm and balmy,
as we lie upon the golden sands;
And count the rings around the moon,
while cuddling, hand in hand.

The moon shares all its secrets,
of enduring love and bright romance;
This August moon defines our feelings,
and leads us toward our wedding dance !
My husband and I were married in September. The August Moon was an inspiration !
Jul 2021 · 69
I've spent so many hours in this room,
my mother's private place to rest;
She'd read, write, and drink coffee alone,
it gave her time to be at her best.

I know how much she adored her spot,
a cozy chair sitting by the window;
Where she could observe Nature's Glory,
the snow, the rain, the sun's magic glow.

It seemed to inspire her inner self,
the one who was truly literate and wise;
She'd light a cigarette and wistfully recall,
the moments which lingered within her sighs.

Mother's intellect was greatly admired,
as a librarian she was both kind and helpful;
Thank goodness she was always our mentor,
as we struggled with our assignments from school.

This tiny room was her only refuge,
from the noise and chaos of a large clan;
I close my eyes to see her in that chair,
for this is where living and learning began.
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