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Apr 2020
I used to write sad poems
Because that was me then.
I was unhappy
Unhappy because I was me.
I did not liked my reality
But that was then,
Back when

Back when
The dominant emotion was blue
Graduation was long overdue
Did not know if my feelings where valid and true
Waiting for someone new

Someone to sweep me off my feet,
Someone to take me away,
Someone to expel all the misery
Someone to understand me

But behold,
Months passed, no one came,
I was stuck, with the me
Who hated me
Thus I wrote all my feelings
Let it flow thru poetry
Hurt my self not physically
But with all the words
Using my poetry

Though my vocabulary was limted
With every like given,
I felt wanted
So I poured all my feelings into poetry
Thru my words, I've shared every piece of me,
But when I got it all out, suddenly I felt empty
Were all that emotions defined me
Now, who is the real me???

Fast forward years later.
To the last question, I still don't know the answer.

But the thing I can say
I used to write sad poems
And its actually here to stay
Well partly its here to stay since we get sad sometimes. I'm happy to share to everyone, that i used to feel sad most of the time but now, it's down to only sometimes. That's an improvement right?
Written by
ZT  alternate reality
(alternate reality)   
     ZT and Bogdan Dragos
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