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Apr 15
How many times do
You remember the
Light touch of
People loving you?

Dancing in the starlight
Asking for your hand
You always laugh,
Lazily standing and spinning
Intriguing me enough to chase after you
Galloping through the clouds.
How are you always just out of my reach?
Teasing me with your eyes, as we do it all again.

Just watch, I beg you
Killing me slowly, with your brightness
Entranced within your holiness, has
Taught me the best way to love is to
Beat the haters at their own game.

Begging is never enough for you
Always pushing me to the edge of
Salvation, how is it you can survive the
Hate that courses in your veins?
Every single one of these stanzas is one that I created separately and then realized they fit together.
Daisy Greene
Written by
Daisy Greene  20/Gender Nonconforming
(20/Gender Nonconforming)   
   --- and Holly D
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