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Mar 2020
For ever I desire fire hire
Though this conspire requires providers to meat a fate most dire
I would be a liar to say I tire of their screams like a choir
Though inspired after what transpired
I'd still admire a survivor as a conscience purifier
For I wish for a pyre that doesn't acquire souls to sire
But I am not a crier, nor its designer and will comtinue to be the supplier of flesh until I retire and pay for all my sins with all my being and every fiber
For my sin to be burned entire for eternity by the fire I will always love and desire
And when a pay my price I will demand the flames higher
Rhyming practice. I got asked to do a 6 word poem challenge on Instagram and I forgot how that challenges are fun to me and helped me.make a poem and a picture to perfectly went with it, so I decided to challenge my self amd maybe use this for my next piece of art
Eric Martin
Written by
Eric Martin  Canada
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