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Mar 2020
You start telling your friends, you have this under control.
You say you can walk away anytime.
Your friends start telling you your getting out of control, it's starting to control your life.
You tell yourself you won't let it happen but the withdrawals start and your brain only thinks of one thing.
Just one more hit to keep from being sick, then you're done. The drug starts telling you you need another hit to not be sick.
You find yourself giving in to the drug. Your friends slowly fade away and it's just you and that dope. You can't calm your mind anymore, your life is fading right in front of you but you are blind to your surroundings. All your money is gone, your friends are gone, you life is gone. Just one more hit you say. You open your eyes and see strangers, clueless of what is happening to you. Then it hits you all at once, you chased everything good away and left yourself in the company of the devil, only wanting your soul. You almost died and it was nobodies fault but your own for thinking you could control the devil. Addiction is a bad disease that will take every life it touches. Wake up before it's to late and the devil takes you down laughing.
Addiction is the hardest thing to recover from
Rebbeca Meadows
Written by
Rebbeca Meadows  37/F/Tennessee
     PEARL SMOKE and Rebbeca Meadows
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