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Feb 6
While everyone is busied chasing the light
I take my strolls in darkness
Yes, I wish I was like you...
I wish I was that positive light shining
Attracting those around me like moths to the flame
A shining beacon of hope and love

But I will forever be a shadow...
Delight myself in the dead and dying
The sick and twisted and hurt and broken
I contain just enough light to lead them
A flickering candle to follow
Until you see the light at the end of the tunnel
The opening to this dark cavern
The silver lining past these dark stormy clouds

Follow that light, but I remain here
Knowing my place and my purpose
I am in limbo between the dark and the light
I am like the ferryman, the gatekeeper
I am the shadow that can sometimes be
Barely perceptible, or darker than nightmarish dreams...
Written by
GreenWitch  28/F/PA
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