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Nov 2019
It was a weekend and I was in a mood
To reach my home as early as I can
I urged the wheels to start a friendly race
With the competing cars rushing around.

The sky getting dark, is it unusual?
I switched on the lights to make the way clear
Sun already hiding, behind the trees
Unable to bear the horrendous scene.

The leaves were silent and the mighty wind
The waves of ocean also stupefied
The nature remained as stunned and low
Heavy and gloomy, sadness in the air.

The beams of light while tearing the darkness
Suddenly found out two eyes so bright
From a small head that holding so high
From a small body already half-dead.

Her eyes were staring straight to my eyes
Calm and serene in their last minute
Piercing my heart with their emotions
Pity and sorrow and dismay and grief.

I turn the wheel to avoid the hitting
Risking my life and car to another track
But behind me, the vehicle of death
The one which she was longing so long.

Oh! Dear soul, I couldn’t forget
The bright little eyes that searched for pity
Like a brave soldier of a defeated army
Holding your head as high as you can.

I imagined the short life that you spent
In this splendid world of cruelty,
As a cute kitten dancing around
And following the little butterflies.

Full of fur, your body was so white
And a long tail, waging in anger
You chased down the tricky doves in vain
And the little sparrows that fly around.

Vibrant and vigil, your life was so full
Until your clock stopped ticking
I couldn’t sleep, the eyes are haunting
Close your eyes dear one, I’m lamenting.
Written by
Jenish  39/M
     B and BR Dragos
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