May 2010

I know that you still love her.
It's right there on your face.
Every time that you look at me.
I know you're hoping I'll replace,
The vivid memories you have of her,
That haunt you everyday,
The longing ache within your chest,
And help you find a way.

A way to leave the pain behind,
By telling me sweet lies.
I know that you still love her.
I can see it in your eyes.
Can't you see that I love you?
And if you could, would you even care?
She is perfect in your minds' eye,
And to perfect, who can compare?

I see you gaze off into space,
And catch you misty-eyed.
You listen to sad love songs,
While I listen to my pride.
And though my heart is begging,
And my tears are falling so,
It hurts much worse to stay here,
So, my darling, I must go.

deanena tierney
Written by
deanena tierney  41/F
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