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Oct 2019
Dancing naked
Upon piles of discarded costumes
I consume music
You consume useful bruises
We shoot music from our fingertips
Should we keep it sacred
Or are we better off staying naked
We are faking it and still nobody notices
We are chasing our own tornadoes
And letting go of our false personas
It's a column
It's a cylinder
It's a spiral
It's a child
It's a whale
And it's a dolphin
And we are never going to stop trying
For our humor is always laughing
And our sisters are always dancing
We attract respectable artists
And find a silence between the starlets
We are advocates of activating our own consciousness
Money is a burden so don’t bother acquiring it
Fun is abundant
And who dares say that love is redundant
So let's examine our motives for giving
We are shivering with excitement
Because I have been invited to tell you the truth
Long ago i was amused
By strategies and complicated offerings
But since i’ve met you i’ve become less disquieted
And abide in the comfort of silent blessings
Still freedom is a dressing
That we might need awhile to get used to
Ganesha Michael Shapiro
   jul and SassyJ
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