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julie Jan 2022
to be romantic is roaming it all
julie Sep 2021
high in the
the only way
  down was to
ride it.
julie Jun 2021
it blossoms itself from mossy ponds and glistens in humid summer rains. the days pass so often it’s quick to reminiscence
how beautiful it has been.
do you want me to go home when you want me.

my heart stumbled into this/ jane gallagher, will you be mine?
i’ll surrender my kings for your company that has proved to be divine.
how can my heart write but all what is
julie Dec 2020
lets talk love under these duvet sheets, boy,
youll see what i mean we can kiss and nibble on each
other's needs and **** our fantasies into ecstasy
ill trace my nails across your pink lips just as long as you tell me please
sweet talkin and my sweet voice
i wont hesitate to make you mine, boy,
but we can be patient and i can keep  waitin, for now ill just keep  layin under these duvet sheets
while you push yourself up against me and  kiss my forehead to sleep
julie Jun 2020
the mad woman shot the
bare black sky & said “please, goddess of light, can death spring a thousand
red rose petals in my blue dreams?”
julie Jan 2020
i’ve felt my soul grown quieter with every passing day.
my lungs are tired
compressed in a vessel
that poisons it’s very own heart.
i’m not asking that you save me,
only that you read my confessions that depict every inch of my being
and accept the way i bathe in my sins.
julie Dec 2019
passionate lovers
loud in a fiery silence
they found upon them.
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