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julie Apr 12
no, querido, there’s no one to come see us.
the sun set awhile ago and she wants to get away. curiosity is tempting.

no, mi amiga, there’s no one to come see us. this neighborhood reminds me of distant families we no longer talk to.
julie Dec 2020
lets talk love under these duvet sheets, boy,
youll see what i mean we can kiss and nibble on each
other's needs      and **** our fantasies into ecstasy
ill trace my nails across your pink lips just as long as you tell me
sweet talkin and my sweet voice
i wont hesitate to make you mine, boy,
but we can be patient and i can keep  waitin,
for now ill just keep  layin under these duvet sheets
while you push yourself up against me and  kiss my forehead to sleep
julie Jun 2020
the mad woman shot the
& said
goddess of light
can death spring a thousand
red rose petals in my blue dreams?”
  Mar 2019 julie
you will be poetry wrapped in skin.
they will melt under your faded gaze.
the spaces between your lungs will be explored.
they will fall in love with the darkness behind your lips.
they will live in the familiarity of your movements.
i will have stripped you of everything that made you the same.
you will be nothing like the person before, for now you are art.
you are simply the words penned onto your bones.
you are a masterpiece in human form.
you made me write, and i made you beautiful.
when we are done, you are perfect.
you are poetry wrapped in skin when i am done.
when i am finished, you will be one of two things.
you will be broken, or you will be beauty.
i cannot let you be both.
julie Feb 2019
the devil dances with me at night.
he makes love to me with his words
and by morning he will not have remembered what he said.
before sunrise,
he falls asleep and i am left with unsaid words.

willingly, ive become his.

i believe that you are too chaotic for my mind
     but my angels are
      screaming for salvation.

you are my escape under the moon
and a deal with the devil has made
        everything all right.
  Jun 2018 julie
i've bitten my tongue so much
that it bleeds because it stops me from talking,
helps to keep the peace.
it stains my lips red as a reminder
that your words can start wars,
hurting those around you and
leaving destruction in their wake.
for what is the worth of the blood of one
when it has saved the lives of many?
You impacted me in a way I can't put into words. You saved me, but, in the end, no one could save you. I'm sorry this is how your story had to end. You'll live on.      r.i.p. xxxtentacion
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