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Sep 2019
There is a darkness,
No, a place of emptiness,
Where everything is nothing but mist
And fog and it stretches forever with no beginning and no end
And I can see it when I close my eyes.
And all of the color of life
Even the chatter of my children through the house
Is drowned by
The thickness of this dense shroud
Laying heavy between the broken fragments of my mind.
Neurons and synapses are scattered like ruined monuments to some other country and I can’t
Recall its name.
My country fell and I can’t stand.
I’m cold tonight and thinking of snow;
The way it could fall upon my face and deafen all of these rough voices.

I would just let go.
I'm ok, but this is what depression feels like. I've been there and I survived and sometimes I still have to fight the pull of that darkness inside, even though I'm always smiling. If you've been there, too, you are not alone <3
Written by
CarolineSD  The river, sweet lullaby
(The river, sweet lullaby)   
     BR Dragos, Fawn and Middlesteps
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