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Jul 2019
Two people sat atop of a green lighthouse one gray and cloudy July afternoon.
They were perched high above the tumultuous sea, captivated by her ferocious and yet subtle beauty.
The wind blew through their hair as they looked off into the distance, a small joint making it’s way between their hands.
Neither of them had ever felt love before.
In fact, neither of them had seen the ocean or scaled a lighthouse before today, yet they were here.
The one holding the joint took a long puff and then gave a soft moan.
“You feel anything?”
“I feel a lot of things.”
“What are you feeling right now?”
They took another draw and then turned to face their company.
“I guess I feel warm, at peace almost.”
They blushed and turned towards the sea, their head cast down a little.
“It’s okay. I’m nervous too.”
As the joint was passed once more, their hands accidentally interlocked.
Both of them looked up only to see each other’s eyes. The shy one looked shocked, yet did not move. Soon, they started to smile and the nervous one took a draw, relieved.
“I’ve never fallen in love before.”
“I’ve never been loved.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means we’re perfect for each other.”
“Says who?”
The nervous one smiled anxiously and cupped the shy one’s face.
“Is it okay if I hold you like this?”
The shy one blushed and nodded slowly, their eyes closed lightly.
Though they both had a heart, neither one had ever felt it beat this hard.
“I could sit here with you forever.”
The shy one opened their eyes and smiled, pulling the nervous one ever closer.
“I know how to make this moment last forever.”
Then, they were together. Bonded by a feeling that has brought entire empires down to rubble.
Their passion roared over the brackish waves as lightning struck the lighthouse and they flew into the abyss,
cementing this love for the rest of time.
Written by
   S Olson
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