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May 2019
i am not prepared
and i'm glad.
because what else would there be left to learn?
in this huge
ever-changing world?

our work is never done -
and thank /goodness/ it's not.
for we seek goodness,
but like competence,
will we ever actually reach it?

how can we stop here?
how can we be fully prepared?
how can we ever just find that holy grail?
what would be left to chase?
with an entire world to see, how can we narrow our vision
to one place
at one time?

i never want to leave my mark
on one place
at one time.
i never want to be comfortable,

for we truly do have one
most glorious
most outstanding
most unique
most painful
most bittersweet
most fleeting
this life won't make sense.
sometimes, it feels like we don't make sense.
yes, it's all strange -
it's all foreign,
in the best way.

so, no - i'm not "prepared."
i am ready.
Written by
sekots  22/F/georgia
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