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May 7
it seems that our earliest ancestors
already felt the need to advocate
existence of such beings
     larger than humans
     yet created in their image
they could adore  
     pray to  
          ask for help
in their hard lifeβ€˜s exhausting chores

     Egyptian  Hindu  Greek
     Roman or Jewish  Mayan  Christian
     Islamic, Orthodox or Puritan

they all see leader figures
     mostly male
     and patriarchal hierarchies
as necessary for the survival
of a firm belief and their religious values

where there are many god(esse)s
earthlings in need are able to appeal
     and donate gifts
to more than one

     other religions offer fewer choices
     or none

yet all are born from the conviction
that we need help from higher sources
we have created ourselves

out of distrust
that we could master
lifeβ€˜s challenges
on our own
Walter W Hoelbling
Written by
Walter W Hoelbling  Austria & Spain & UK & US
(Austria & Spain & UK & US)   
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