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May 2019
on a moonlight tryst
       i gave you my all,
       branches bending and bowing
       to Gaea.
       and her lover of the north-wind.
oh, autumn,
make me bare,
make me starve
          warm me, delight me.
love me thrice in the tenebrous
corners of the fairyland and bee hive.
    the ichor rains down on us
  and gifts us wine for our roots
and un sospiro for our souls.

let’s dance all night,
         with a zephyr through our leaves,
         the inferno overlooked.

i will love you in winter,
with your polar spines and
bared back blues.

i will love you in spring,
in the whispers of Renaissance.
where youth awakens
in the sweet song of Helios’ new born.

and i will love you all the rest,
     as God wrote you just for me,
     a sonnet of youth and pulchritude
     a sonnet for the millennium,
     i will treasure for
Written by
t  sydney
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