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Aubrey Jan 4
Please remember.
It is not her love coming to an end;
she will always have love tucked underneath her rib cage.
This is another failed love attempt reaching its last page,
a relationship fading into the image of a memory,
and a woman understanding that it is not her job to plant, water, and harvest love in a man all at once,
especially one who doesn’t want to taste the goodness of her love.
All that matters now is that she gave it her best shot,
another bullet wound from someone she handed the gun to.
Aubrey Dec 2019
You’re so mean to me now. I can tell your falling out of love. I can see that you no longer love me like you used to. It’s the worst feeling anyone could fathom. I wish this upon nobody. It’s like you bought me this beautiful book and slowly, right in front of me, you start ripping out all of the pages. I can’t stop it and I can’t slow it down, all I get to do is watch and suffer. My heart still continues to beat for you though I don’t want to be done but I know I have to be. Torture is what it is.
Aubrey Dec 2019
Know that I didn’t leave because I wanted to. I let go, because you left me no other choice.
I’m never the type to give up easily & leave you, I’m the type to give you chance after chance after chance, even if you do me wrong.
I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you however toxic you may be. Even if it’s hurting me, breaking me, slowly killing me and my wants.
I’m not the person who decides to give up on people or let go. But if I ever decide to, please understand it took all of the air in me, all of the energy in me, all of the strength and courage in me to do so.
I don’t give up easily, I don’t let go easily, but if you ever give me a million small reasons to walk away, I’ll walk away after you choose to not give me the one smallest reason to stay. After that, I’ll walk away after my container full of chances run out, knowing I gave you my all, the best parts of me, i gave my fullest.
Not giving me a good reason to stay, is a good enough reason for me to leave.
Aubrey Nov 2019
You wanted it.
You wanted her fragile adventurous heart so no one else could have it. so you took it, you took it without care without caution. You didn't realize it was slightly broken when you found it but now that you have, you're having second thoughts. But that's not fair, she wanted you with everything in her but you just throw it back. You didn't listen. You didn't listen because you're selfish with your love, because you took everything out of her so you didn't have to get anything back. You watched that heart crack in your hands for months as you counted your trash on the side.
But, she forgave you. She forgave you because she thought you loved her. She thought you changed and maybe for a second you believed yourself. You talk about your future with her. You told her you'd die for her, but you lied. You **** the life out of such a beautiful soul for so long, she doesn't know how to fix herself now, or even begin to understand why you did the things you did.
She let you go!
But you came back.
You came back because you were lonely, because you no longer had someone who cared so deeply about you. You broke her heart because you were unsure of yours. You broke everything in her because you could. When you ended things she cried for days, She couldn't even remember how to eat. You hurt her so badly and she was still in love with you.
But she has to let that go.
She has to pretend things are okay so she doesn't look like an idiot.
She BEGGED you not to let her let it go.
You did.
So she begged you not to let it go.
You did.
You did everything she asked you not to. Everything she begged you not to do.
She doesn't want to hate you, but when she cries herself to sleep all that comes from your name is pain.
Stay away.
Do not ever come back to that girl.
Stay away.
Because if you ever come back, she may not be strong enough to tell you to go, because she may say I still love you and make the same mistakes all over again. Because with your selfish hands. You may break her all over again because she didn't get to heal. she gave you too many chances to count. But you gave her up. But it's ok. it's ok because you'll regret it all one day. When she's finally happy and over you you'll miss her.
You’ll miss her.
You'll miss her childish humor and her fragile heart.
You'll miss the girl that never gave up on you when everyone else did, you'll miss that annoying girl who consistently wanted to make sure you're okay because you weren’t smiling like you were an hour before.
But she deserved better.
She deserved to have her heart held by the kindest of hands. Ones that keep their promises. She deserved to be flaunted as if she was gold. She deserves flowers and chocolates. She deserves so much more than a boy who thought he was a man.
But she didn't realize.  
She didn't realize that love didn't mean the same thing to boys.
She didn't know.  
She didn't realize you had a whole life without her that made you just as happy. She didn't realize that you had already made up your mind long before leaving. She didn't realize love was nothing less than a four letter word in this generation. But mostly she didn't realize that love didn't mean the same thing to boys.
She didn't know...
But mostly she didn't realize she had to apologize for loving someone too much...
Way too **** much..
  Nov 2019 Aubrey
People say that if you love one person,
you will be willing to fight for him/her.
Is it true?
                           What if he/she does not love you?
What are you fighting for?
A love that only you can feel?
That is difficult.
Would you still fight for it?
That one-sided love.
Aubrey Nov 2019
i gave you more than i gave myself.
so loyal to you that i betray myself.

biggest mistake....
  Nov 2019 Aubrey
She needs her feet underneath me
They are somehow cold even in summer
She laughs at the book Jane Eyre
Which I am quite sure isn’t a comedy
She can get a little awkward at times
But everything is cool cool cool
Don’t turn on the television set
The conversation will be over
She’s got a list of her favorite trees
Which I didn’t think was a thing
She won’t always finish a thought
It can be cute or maddening
Yeah, she’s a little weird
But she’s perfect to me
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