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Aubrey Aug 2021
I see the trace of his outline as he walks into the sunset
a silhouette against the twilight
an apple falling to his hands.
Soon the moon will rise
and then with it my hopes
just as I know he will return.

We reveled in these good times
as the day turns into night
time and time again.
We shall cherish all we have
We shall love with all our might.
This portrait of you shall stay with me
in my heart, forever alive.

It’s the end of our beginning
beyond infatuation.
Real commitment.
The realization
each day shall bring us closer
even when we are away.

This feeling we share
unites us in so many ways.
Crashing through our lives
Like so many waves
crystal blue water
salty skin
facing fears
being brave.
Ever in my thoughts
his radiance so desired.
I just want to be close to him
walking into the sunset
holding his hand in mine.
  Aug 2021 Aubrey
Landon Keys
"You're beautiful."
"Oh please, I didn't even try and look cute today."
"Not your hair, your soul."
Aubrey Jun 2021
having a hard time adjusting
wanna travel the world
till my wheels start rusting
give me no compass
give me no sign
just flick the invisible string
that has always tied me to you
the rituals we have are small enough
that we could keep them alive forever
if we wanted to
like I could stay in this hotel room forever
never thinking twice
if you stay too
and I could never look at anything else
unless I'm looking at only you
they say
not all who wonder are lost
but it's not wanderlust for the outside world
it's wanderlust for your mind
to travel outside of my comfort zone
as long as you are there to jump in the water first
and watch me jump in after
adjusting back to being all alone
inside this empty house
not wanting to care about my own needs
when I'm caring about who grabbed the key before they left the room
its hard to be in my home
when home feels like an open wound
its hard to be anywhere when all I want is you
your a memory on a big screen
that plays in my head on a loop.
Aubrey Apr 2021
I never liked Indiana
I just thought it was somewhere random  
till you kissed me there
I never liked windy cities
but I think maybe when you're with me
I like everywhere
I never liked tea that wasn't sweet
but I think when you kiss me
it makes up for it
and the calluses on your fingertips
I admired them from a distance
now they're on my cheek
Aubrey Mar 2021
I saw her again today in her zebra cardigan
Sitting on her porch, eyes focused on a book
Listening to the wind
Feeling the sun
Smile creeping on her lips from time to time
But not enough to reach her eyes
I watched as she drank a sip of tea from her mug
And wiped her lips with the back of her sleeve
She turned the page of the book
And tucked the hair falling on her face
She’s like a wild blooms that they put between the pages
No matter how long I kept her there
I know that she will always be right where I left her
Just like a butterfly trapped in a bottle
Watching her fade and dust inside
She’s like a music box I keep playing every night
Classic like I’ve always known her
Aubrey Mar 2021
Please don’t ever become a stranger whose laugh I could recognize anywhere.
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