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Apr 5
Satisfaction is agony
So we learn to swim, willingly
We take part in a midnight circus
Words might pierce her heart
But we are only here
For a moment of eternity
No more need to hide
Lets exhibit our minds
Like statues of the divine
Composed in solitude’s company
Young eyes are watery
Could we hold hands
For a momentary heartbeat
In a corporeal reality
Your frail negligee
Makes me want to beg for mercy
Kind ones weep and keep
Their feet as clean as pure water
Instead you puff on a carrot
And write recipes for prosperous people
Juniper moans and shadows groan
For we haven't yet outgrown our love
We scrape the barrel daily
What are these strange strategies
To keep our minds embodied
Can we depend on people
Who are barely willing
To stand against the tide
I replied, undress your heart
And start kissing me
Silently, this instant
For I would happily die
Waiting for you to comply
With all of this uncertainty
Ganesha Michael Shapiro
     jul and lX0st
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