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Feb 2013
Oh Valentine,
Sweet blushing bride.
I never can call you mine,
Not in this lifetime.
Taken away,
Never had a chance to stay.
One day you'll pay,
Maybe when you walk away in May.
You were my love,
Clearly sent from above.
My pierced and stained dove,
I fear it is me who has had enough.
She crept into my life,
Bearing her claws and holding a knife.
Took me to great heights,
In the dead of winter's nights.
Hasn't moved on,
Can't see the light of dawn.
She'll write all her sad songs,
Not knowing if she can even last too long.
Yet I wrap my arms around her,
Love my disease and my cure.
Keep close my beautiful saboteur,
And drink her bittersweet liquor.
Sappy blah blah blah love.

Still relevant, oh love. (9/2014)
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