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Trapped.  A prison built of doubt, feelings I could do without.

Vultures bringing dark; encircle the heart

Closing in, tighter grip, waiting for an imminent slip.

Wide eyes scream in panic, gaping wound reeking havoc.

A missing piece, underneath; I'm begging for a new release.

Drown in passion for a love, the hand that fits the glove.

Fill the whole or just go.  I'm not interested in a person who's only so-so,  

Dancing flames crackle with desire, I'll freeze to death with coals lacking fire.

Back and forth, yes and no. Wait it out, take it slow....

Wonder where this wind will blow; I'm just tired of the ******' vertigo.
I'm waiting for the music but my record has been scratched, and as I try to stay detached, it only pushes from inside 'til my hinges come unlatched.

I'm erratic in the brain, racked with thoughts tough to tame, as my heart starts to crack, there's no way I'm turning back.

It's the slip of the soul you can't help but expose,I feel you begging for repose; a relief from the blows.

Now you're drowning in woes and you're choking on the lows. Mouth to mouth, take my breath, feel my love for you grow.

As you're gasping, you grasp me and realize that I'm there. Forcing blood through your veins, feeding lungs precious air.

I swear you'll recover just remember with a prayer: Mother Mary, full of grace.... as you swallow your despair.
Rethinking your curiosity. You really shouldn’t have inquired
Your craving for exploration satisfied,
You’ll get what you thought you desired.

No promises that it will fulfill your expectations, or grant insight to my motivations.
The sensations will be overwhelming, you’ll yield to stimulation.

At first it’s exhilarating, emotions climbing to peak, just wait 'til you see the drop beneath.
You’re afraid. I was too. Now the fear pulls you through. Cliffs and valleys, highs and lows,
Have you begun to wonder when this ride slows?

Oh; I apologize, I should have warned, you can’t walk away from this place;  this time or this space.
You can attempt to gather your things and go, most don’t survive whole. If they find the way out they leave battered and bruised, ego sore, something torn.

Now you find yourself tangled. The buckle won’t release, you’ll struggle and squirm, but you’ll soon come terms.

I’m half strangled right beside you, you didn’t know ‘til you wanted to.

See, “I’ve been in here for years. I decided to enjoy the ride. I promise it can only get better over time. Think of it as the bite of the whiskey with the sour of the lime. You’ll be drunk soon enough... I know I am.”
You drip into my thoughts like a slip of the tongue and blushing of parted lips; ravenous.

Your indulgence of my masochistic inquires is shamelessly scandalous,  

Akin to a laceration of lace and a bursting of buttons, unraveling the threads of my modesty.

The consequences stripping me of my delicacy exposing the betrayal of my anatomy.

Brutality and savagery quicken my submission and the remnants of my restraint will succumb; a hunger.

Dive into the warmth of my energy, the color of my heart, the wavelength of my soul; exploit.

Your devilish grin growing, dilated pupils following my form taking sadistic pleasure in my resistance to a futile fight.

Wide eyes watch your teeth sink into the purity of my flesh, porcelain complexion now stained with crimson red; capitulation to a carnal sentiment; surrender.
I need to get this to the external,
A plague of inferno,
A purge of the words that churn internal.

A song on repeat,
No break from the beat.

Like a train grinding track;
there'll be no slack.

This erratic, systematic flood to the brain,
its insane, how the inane can cause all this theoretical pain.

In response to a phrase,
The tree of thoughts that erase
that certainty I chase
and the memories I encase.

A mirage of the soul, so soon it shall lull,
a small jolt of the heart, creating this art

I lap up the words that spill from your lips,
knowing when it hits

the reflex will be instant and instinctual,
harrowing and hysterical.

But it won't last.
Destined to be my past,
a feeling that will fade; thoughts returning to sane

The contact loses strength
as a result of the length
and acceptance of reality delivers the gravity
of the preconceived ending and mending that follows.
What prisons do we cage ourselves in?
That image we construct as defense from sin.

Must we limit the light we let into our souls?
To protect from the pain and darkness lingering in blackened coals?

The fire should be blazing, the ideals of the man we aspire,
yet it’s deprived of the fuel and choked of air, we retire.

The pulse will fade and the flame will extinguish
Until breath is restored and barriers relinquished.

So take in your surroundings, the world is abounding
with a hearth fed love and affection, a foundation
of fervor that demands attention.
I need a release, a relief from this pressure.
A cessation of the flooding,
An infestation of the catalytic chemicals that feed my brain

The battle for attention is overwhelmed by anatomy,
keeping me on the fringes of insanity

I can't control it, only roll with it, embrace and encase this energy inside

Projecting my being;
rejecting the snares,
the lack of cares that fill the air

Cognitive dissonance entertains and persuades the whispers within
as they swirl and whirl their tracers are all that remain

The red of satisfaction yet to be attained,
a heart unrestrained and a feeling still unnamed.
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