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Feb 2019
They said rap didn't want me
My light skin and this bottle of gin
thats whats gon help me win
my life full its of sinΒ Β my kin are full of doubt
that aint gonna help me out
**** screaming and shouting
lyrics are what im about
expressing my feelings through words
depressing rhymes
those are my crimes
sentence me to death
let me get some **** off my chest
my dad we laid to rest
he was the ******* best

life it closes in exposing me for my sin
wishing i was thin
life hits you like a slug to the heart
the rap game im now apart
im not in this for fame
or the money
lets not be funny but
in my past i used to cut
i was stuck in a rut
i had one foot in hell
the other was in a cell

x in a coffin
there ain't nothing worse that loosing an idol
soon ill be in a hearse
listen to my verse take it in
don't just throw me to the bin
thats it im finished
i haven't wrote in a while but life is getting tough again but this time im ready for it
Ben Adam Johnston
Written by
Ben Adam Johnston  16/M/Uk
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