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Feb 2019
My soul…
Listen to the pettish sound of the sky
He will cry soon by rumbling, prepare your goblet
The sky falls in love with the sea and cry without stop in order to touch her
The sea fills herself in his love
My soul…
you missed that his ocean-like eyes?
Which you can't touch…
if i caress pearls will pour  from his hair
Which you never have could felt…
Cry o soul with the sky  behalf of holy love
without stop flows poems from my lips
clock inside my heart stopped
my knees tremble by craving
I am burning in flames
i get cold that have been trapped in ice-heart
listen that voice which you never could heard
a night will come open unlike bright
That night is mine…
my left side is silent as much as death this night
at the same time the most severe war
a soul passed by here with one hand goblet
at the same time by digging passed
By hurting…
Oh my little child soul!!
Listen the silent of night
Nobody hears its screaming
Night loves morning by trying to endure this pain
this soul wanders in verses from word to word
that soul sews scars that have been ripped from his heart line by line
the pocket of a coat hid his combative spirit
i'm drinking behalf of that soul
on behalf of every wounded soul…
Ilayda Aydın
Written by
Ilayda Aydın  18/F
     Fawn and ---
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