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Ilayda Aydın Jun 18
once upon a time..
there was a molotov which waited in her heart to ignite love fire
This fire was so strong that
it could have seen beyond of it's wonderland
her arms turned into rose-wings with flowing blood..
darkness of night exhaled its breath on her neck
Moon was watching this splendor scene
There was a rebel on her wings
it was gonna destroy the barriers with dragon's fire

once upon a time...

time stopped for them in this moment
Ilayda Aydın Jun 18
I'm swimming under ocean
my nails turn to fishes and leave my fingers
I sniff dust of shells like *******
earth upside down..
pearls pour like rain on people
posedion is my dealer
there is a revel under his beard
my soul flows to darkness
people exit from my veins
God threw me into the toilet
And flushed me down
Mix... mix in again
Get mixed to black and white presence
I smeared on yin-yang the blue.
Under the rainbow I challenged God's algorithm.
Then they excommunicated me outta blue planet.
i fell to Zoroastrian temple way.
is Ahura Mazda in my veins?
The gods of all religions wait for my falling with sin.
Purify... Purify with sincerely and pain

a stateless who is fired from every land.
A traveler who boiles her feet by walking.
I've been covered through presence itself.
Where is the presence?
Rebellious Kawa's tirade on the theater arena

Oh rebels get in my hell
     - forgive me, my God! We are the fruit of evil as a part of your being!

She is fired from god's way
A voice which never been heard and a colour which never been saw
  Goes up to sky by piercing her heart
     black and white is painted by blue
       Rebellion goes up to sky by winging
Freedom inside veins which wander in universe
The most effective drug for her mind
A dragon that got remain from history
Freedom on her skin 
Holiness that flowing from her wings
Rebellion against  puppeteer
Gettin' itch her soul with it
A wind that destroy every barrier by hitting
A flame that came up from heaven
Eve and Adam's sin
Let burn freedom fire in collapsed system
Just gotta ignite
This will be breath of existence
Ilayda Aydın Mar 23
Her Wandering Spirit wanders through the wilderness of love in desert
A sip wine in her pocket
Dripping from her Lover's lip
Girl drinks that wine
Surrounded with a festive environment
Walk ships and pour on the sands
They in-line like soldiers
Where is here?
Songs, cartoon trees and instruments
With all of your vivacious
Her love makes rain
And makes pearls fall from sky

My sweety
What it'd be awesome to touch
To hair that will pour the pearls if i touch
falling down to ocean when open your eyelids
swimming... Swimmingggg

i can't reach
What a romantic to be able to dance among your eyelash
  there would be poetry smell on your skin this night
  I feel...
  Let the oceans be filled with wine pouring down from your lip  
  Let the all creatures dance
  Sky is crying to be able to touch the sea
  Oh mon amour!
  Let me being night to be able to be  blanket for you.
  Let me touch to your hair which like sun.

  Everything is on the dance this night
  The old lovers are dancing by throwing walking stick
  And she opened her eyes
  Dream got over
  Just desert and hot
  And lonely...
Sometimes wings look like sky god's arms...
Sometimes your heart looks like a old man's wrinkles
Sometimes even you don't wanna talk
Just silent... you and your soul  
they unburden their heart each other...
Get off your heart to me
have you ever heard silence's voice?
Have you ever danced with you, your thoughts
A bird that
escaped from presence
From absence
From love and hate...
Listen... Listen a crow is singing most beautiful song of world
Listen!!! the time is pouring from our atoms
our feelings and memories wander inside universe
that bird inserted its wing to dream pool
O "Tiamat" Did you see this magic?
Bird got dare to majestic Tiamat
And love-queen melted ice inside demon heart
Where is this conflict area ?
beyond world...
Or just inside an heart...
My soul…
Listen to the pettish sound of the sky
He will cry soon by rumbling, prepare your goblet
The sky falls in love with the sea and cry without stop in order to touch her
The sea fills herself in his love
My soul…
you missed that his ocean-like eyes?
Which you can't touch…
if i caress pearls will pour  from his hair
Which you never have could felt…
Cry o soul with the sky  behalf of holy love
without stop flows poems from my lips
clock inside my heart stopped
my knees tremble by craving
I am burning in flames
i get cold that have been trapped in ice-heart
listen that voice which you never could heard
a night will come open unlike bright
That night is mine…
my left side is silent as much as death this night
at the same time the most severe war
a soul passed by here with one hand goblet
at the same time by digging passed
By hurting…
Oh my little child soul!!
Listen the silent of night
Nobody hears its screaming
Night loves morning by trying to endure this pain
this soul wanders in verses from word to word
that soul sews scars that have been ripped from his heart line by line
the pocket of a coat hid his combative spirit
i'm drinking behalf of that soul
on behalf of every wounded soul…
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