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Jan 2019
I thought it was me,
when the contours of your brows lifted in muse
hazel eyes that grow lighter when it connects to mine
with the turquoise colour, you intendendly chose
the clothes fitted you, like nobody else can wore
you see, the gazes you gave comforted me
and it gave me the boost
I felt a little bit attractive, had a little worth
with enthusiasm I look forward to the day once a week
where I get to stare at you senseless, daydream like a spell

I thought it was me,
but one day my waiting abruptly ended
and there is no place for me to stare
I stick around lonely hallways
just to see your pretty face
nobody told me the story
no one intends to care
till I found out one Monday morning
that you eventually left

No, I am not broken hearted
I did not like you that way
I just felt a little weightless
to know the truth awaits
that the fancy gazes you gave me
they're for somebody else
I find it a little funny
but I stood and looked ahead
someday in the far future
I will attract a flame
and somewhere in the universe
will be a teardrop for your pain
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