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Jan 2019
It is written in my eyes
exposing all the secrets I've hidden through my lies
a never ending incese
of a smokless flame
protection I'd forsake
defensless I became
and destruction I let in
as desperation seeped right in
turned screams to harbor out the melody to form
a screeching flow of streams
steadily rushing from my head to my toe
I lose control
like lava bursting at escape
hurdling waves of a rage as it pumps of waterfalls profusely into every single vein
drowned and devoured
into hate
its becomes all you know and all you see
to the very air you breathe
cutting from the mystery
that love eliminates all misery
to bring healing to a self destructive state
yet, here I stay to, still remain in vain
to be left in the suffering of a once heart attacked and stained

only here do I find solace in the confinments of my soliatry silence
for no matter how much I may brave,
I become a visible,
To those who see my pain...
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