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Dec 2018
[Summer's Over (Sammy Adams Remix) by JAYLIEN & Sammy Adams playing in the background.]

Come here baby
let me keep you warm
let me wrap my arms around you
let me hold you while I kiss the nape of your neck
let me give you the feeling of passion and pleasure
feel me as I'm breathing into your ear
feel me as I am kissing you beneath your earlobes
"Mmm baby" you say
before we know it
I'm unbuttoning your jeans
slowly sliding them off of your beautiful hips
and down your **** legs
you grab me by my waist and take my shirt off
you throw me on the bed
you start kissing my neck
as you are unbuckling my belt
unzipping my pants
you kiss my neck harder
making me moan
as you're rubbing on my *******
so tender, so gentle, so sweet
I roll over on top of you
you lay beneath me
staring deeply into my eyes
smiling while softly biting your finger
with that alluring look in your eyes
you cup my face in your hands
as I lean in to kiss you
we share a deep, passionate French kiss
as our lips are still pressed together you whisper
"I want you."
you begin reaching into my boxers
gently massaging my **** with your hands
"I want your ****" you whisper to me
You take my hands and put them right above your g string
"Take it off baby." you say
I start pulling your ******* off
kissing you from hip to hip
you moan softly
you then sit up, grab my face and continue to kiss me so passionately
caressing my body with your sweet, tender hands
rubbing all over my shoulders and back.
"You got a **** back you know that?" you said as you chuckled
"Has anyone ever told you that?" you asked
"I don't hear that very often but thanks lol." I said as I chuckled back
"Oooh and you have a **** *** too... lol"
you said as you squeezed my *** and gave it a light smack
you lean in and whisper in my ear
"Everything is gonna be alright, baby."
you then continue to kiss my neck
as I moan passionately into your ear.
A hot, **** hook up between me and a Romanian woman named Lavinia
Xoaquín Oznian
Written by
Xoaquín Oznian  USA
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