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Dec 2018
Sorts of things I say we say sometimes only I say them

because, I'm glad to know no mystery remains

to the man who can read with the joy of a boy,

eyes un-cataracted as needed, from time to time,

my sort, we see clearly from long before.

In the good old days, we'd all been dead a while.

Now, we watch our children's children sprout

from good seed I hid in wild oats,
which grow naturally, amidst
the rosemary and sage

as reminders to me.

A little leaven leavens the whole lump,
a single virus killed movie Martians,

cannot a key-**-tic prince of the power of the air,
a manifested, creation-groaned-for-son-of God,
A radioman minded to tell the whole

sprouted from a little leaven,
like the kingdom
of heaven.

Sorcery, we were defining the word, not the act, if in fact, there is such an act.

Rumors say it's jokers. Clowns got big cred on YouTube and the Res Casinos.
Rogan and Roseann,
they cover for Cosby. He was sick,

woulda died, in the old days. But the young ones, some remember
God tellin' Noah, and by

Noah's and Naamah's kids, they remember God
using Bill Cosby,
by God.
to say
Something like,
"You know, it don't work that way."
God used Cosby to say that to Moses, so we all could know.

Don't forget the old days.

Cosby was cool for a while,
Hullaballoo, Birmingham Jail, I Spy,
Hef's House, and all
that a frat boy
would ever

Things change. Good always wins. It is not fair.
Birmingham Jail?
An old man disagreed.
I had said there is no good reason for war

and evil reasoning is corrupted.

War has it's reason, he said.

that is not a good reason. I said that.

I said that, war has evil reasoning,
bizarro sympathy reasoning,

proud reasoning.

Only, I said, one-ly. One and no more.
One reason for war.
in any fashion.

and that’s what he said when I asked why Moses was going to inherit the earth if he was dead.
Imps, impulsive lines, to tempt a being, a thought not thought before some eye say right through the eye of the wizard who married witch and raised wise children, who all backslid, laughing as they learned.
Ken Pepiton
Written by
Ken Pepiton  70/M/Pine Valley CA
(70/M/Pine Valley CA)   
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