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Dec 2018
I dreamt that I was sleeping
Dreaming in the night
Grey and crying Angels
Were lit by candlelight
And in the flames the faces
Of those who lived and loved
Now troubled by the traces
Of the lies of all the Gods

I dreamt that I was dreaming
A battle in the night
The grey and crying Angels
Were ready for the fight
The Common and their Senses
Marched up from empty land
No prayer could change the changes
Of The Apocalypse at hand

I dreamt that I was dreaming
Screaming in the night
The grey and crying Angels
Outnumbered in the fight
I soon saw The Four Horsemen
And all the Seven Seals
I knew that I was dreaming
But God, it felt so real

No use in crying for mercy
Or praying prayers for help
The grey and crying Angels
Were lost, that night they fell
A thunderstorm was raging
Black smoke had blurred my sight
I dreamt that I stopped dreaming
Lay weeping in the night

I dreamt that I was sleeping
I dreamt that I went back
To the valley of inferno
The fields of Angel’s Wreck
The countless dead and slaughtered
In pouring rain lay slain
Neither sense nor faith claimed victory
But the truth had lost again
We always seek for the truth. But fighting and killing others who pursue different kind of truths is simply stupid and pointless.
I tried not to pick a side. I don’t even care what the truth is. There’s no way anyone will find out in this life. So I can’t be bothered.

My native tongue is not English. I am Dutch. So if anyone has some comments and tips or do’s and don’t ‘s; please do.

Hope you like it!!

Jeroen Janssen
Written by
Jeroen Janssen  45/M/Rotterdam (NL)
(45/M/Rotterdam (NL))   
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