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Nov 2018
Hard rain falls
Whilst fighting fists ****
Power rules them by scarily deep drawl
"War cries"
For them all
Off with them all
By the time of the fall
We'll **** them all
Dying in the midst
Whistle blowing
In the warring wind
Making our stand
Fighting for our rights

Get up stand up for your
Don't crawl
You may fall

In the sailing squall
Our worst hurricanes hold
Your home in its waves
It cascades the grace
Towards the direction of dreary
Eyes that can't dream

Looking at your resting reflection
In the greener waters?

Sea of the hooded sharks
Fins keeps us in the view of danger
In the transparent waters
Maybe the ranger will
Save you from the storm

Hoping storm troopers
Make you a service ranger

Kids stuck in the Syrian war
Are they just children
Dying for peace
With their dreams
Resting with ashes
That should have belonged
To the seas

And lot of watching
In the end just believing
That war is a belief
War is Peace
Orwell oft' is right
Ignorance is Strength
Freedom Is Slavery
God watches
Fighting with his ignorance
With enslaved strength
Freedom Is Strength
And it is powerful
Since, it prays
For praise

Like Madonna
Painted on the oil
Thou art Hope
"Your art ropes me in"

In The Cathedral
Your Hope brings art
To the ghouls
They are,
The ghosts of the many souls

And the Jews
Chambered in the gas
Breathing through a mouth-piece
"I'm dying, the fumes"
They're tearing my lungs to pieces!
Where is the crimson tide
Is it peace
Whilst drowning in
The horizon?

In red hues
In the death
Of the dead sea
The laurel wreath
Lies floating with the breath
Oh capt'n capt'n  
Of the sailing wind

Nails to the coffin
The wind whistles
Jesus Is Dead
Jesus Is Dead
Jesus is the dead?

Resurrected in the end
"If I know what love, it is because of you"
The Righteous Luddite
Written by
The Righteous Luddite  21/M/New Delhi, India
(21/M/New Delhi, India)   
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