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Nov 2018
I gave you my all, and watched you choose better. I gave you my all, because you promised me forever.
     I gave you my all, while you went behind my back. Was it because she had what I lack?
      I gave you my all each time you wanted to leave, because I didn’t see I was being naive.
     I ranted and I quoted, “no he’s devoted”. Looking back, I feel I’m in the midst of a heart attack.
     I don’t know what to do, I’m simply lost without you.
     I gave you my all and ignored every warning, even when I knew; soon I’d be in mourning.
    Mourning the love you had for me, as I slowly watched it flea.
Do you know what this has done to my insides? It divides my head from my heart. And that’s only the start.      
   I’ve given you my all, and you’ve made me feel so breathtakingly small.
   Please I beg of you; tell me, why wasn’t I enough?
Is it because I’m messed up? Or that my words come out a little rough?
    I’ve never experienced this amount of numbness pouring from my heart. It really is ripping me apart.
Autumn Marie
Written by
Autumn Marie
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