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Oct 2018
Time .
One of the slowest ,
yet fastest things I know .
Having the ability to pass in a second
while also having the strength to stop and drag along .
I hate time .
Especially when all my
time is spent
waiting on others .
It’s like time is just idling ,
lagging ,
falling farther and farther behind .
until it becomes nothing ,
nothing but a clock with no hands ,
all because of a decision .

I decided to spend all of my time just waiting,
standing by without cause because
time was on hold .
but if I only knew what pausing time would do.
Leaving me w the feeling of being lost and confused .
Maybe then I would have just pressed play
even if that meant I had to play by myself
at least time would have been pressed
to move along .
instead of yearning for
company .
Imagine passing through infinity ..
How lonely that would be .
To never have anyone to tell my dreams ?
That would not be an ideal fantasy .
Yet time is forced ,
with me in the passenger seat ,
to break itself down .
Demanded to spend half of itself alone.
Completely cloaked
Half in radiant light
Half in soul ******* darkness
But always
ALL alone .
What would this world be without time ?
The world would be me .
Alone yet free .
Alone but free .
But being alone and free
is for eternity
not for me .
What do you think this poem is really about ? Writing this made me realize how abstract my poetry is and I love that . I love understanding what I do .
Written by
muteD  20/F/Lost
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