Dec 2012
I'm taking time to think this through, in hopes that I can mend.
All the hurt that hides inside of us, will this ever end?
I know that I did let you down, as you did to me.
Like a light beam that shines for-ev-er, and all eternity.

Please just stop and think right where we fell,
Cause if not we'll never get too well. Oh well.

Cause living in constant worry feels, like a stab in the heart that will not heal
I can't even say sorry. I've got to live my life, I've got to live my life.

So please take some time to feel my fear, as all my anger turns to tears,
you never really proved to me, you wanna be in my life, you wanna be in myy life.
Andrew Schwab
Written by
Andrew Schwab  Land of the privledged...
(Land of the privledged...)   
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