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Aug 2018
It’s a dog eat dog world,
Or so they say.
But for me it is worse, unending pain.
I feed the dogs and provide them with support.
But when it comes to reciprocation, those dogs fall short.
Do I deserve the love I give, back?
Or do I deserve the pain of this knife in my back?
Should I be the enemy?
Or am I allowed allies?
Wherever I draw the line I am the only one on my side.
Nobody to help me,
And nobody to care.
When I fall down I can count on the floor for support.
When you fall down you have me for support.
I catch you when you are falling, and save you from impact.
I stand you up and I dust you off.
I wipe away your tears using nothing but love.
You look up at me with disdain before you run off.
It hurts me bad and it cuts me deep.
But never in your life will you care when I weep.
Why do I do it, I hear you ask.
But explaining myself is an easy task.
I treat others how I want to be treated myself.
Even if reciprocation is never felt.
I will never get treatment for my broken heart.
My feelings are deep,
And indeed heavy.
I carry it on my shoulders even though I’m not ready.
I hold it up for you on a daily basis.
Atlas had the world on his shoulders,
That’s an easy job for him.
I carry eternity, and a fight I’ll never win.
Written by
     Fawn, Santita and JL Smith
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