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Aug 2018
Love is seeing the entire universe in your honey-colored eyes.
Love is the warm, fuzzy, lingering feeling when your hand brushes mine.
Love is the butterflies I feel in my stomach each time I see you, with your hands on your pockets, a small smirk tugging on your lips.
Love is the soft sound of your breathing when we are engulfed by the silence of the room, reading books, sitting quietly.
Love is everything I needed and more.

Love is you.

Your smiles, your lips, your scent, mixed together make my knees go weak and the world go round.
You are a roller coaster ride.
You make me feel scared, but excited and happy all at the same time.
You are a drug, intoxicating and wonderful and dangerous, yet you make me feel safe and sound.
You make me see things, beautiful things that I have never seen before.
You make me feel every possible emotion that anyone could ever feel.
You are art, beautiful and incomprehensible.
You are a puzzle that needs to be solved, a mystery that needs to be unraveled.
You are everything that my eyes can see, the only one who can make my heart flutter.

You are love.
Love is free falling, like how I am with you. Love is meeting you. Love is the moments that we shared every night, gazing at the stars and wishing for always. Love is you making me feel loved. Love is everything that I feel for you. I am, and will always be in love with you. I love you.
Written by
Timothy  17/M/Inside a book
(17/M/Inside a book)   
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