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I don't know you but you're a part of me
I may not know all your stories but you're spirit guides me.
You've shown me your pain
You've shown me your death
I long to become one with you
I long to know everything you know
Every time I meditate I feel close to you
I long for the day I become one with Anna Bella my past life.
You were burned alive for being a witch
But I know you were just misunderstood
You were a healer and peaceful in nature
I want to know what you knew.
Been at war with myself
Since the beginning
Who I am
Verses what others want me to be
Searched for answers in all the wrong places
With all the wrong people
When the answer has been inside all along
Am I weird and strange
yes I am
But instead of trying to hide it to make others happy
The answer is to embrace myself flaws and all
If I love myself I will not fall
I give it my all
I care too much
I give too much
I do too much
But that's who I am
I am comfortable in my own skin
If I consider you kin
Then you win
A lifetime of me caring about you
But don't tell me who I can be
I will always be me
I talk too much
But only because
I've been through too much
I will not conform
I won't wear your uniform
I am me
I am at peace with me
Can't be controlled
Can't be tamed
If locked in an cage
it will escape
and it will attack
The one that locked it up
Need to be free
To be myself
Love myself
Free myself from these chains
Each link created by others
I need to spread my wings and fly
Sore though the clouds were I belong
Be one with myself
No one can tell me how to be me but me.
I am a free spirit
You are caring,
Passionate, intellectual,
You have an intense pure aura
I feel peaceful and calm around you
I feel drawn to you
When I'm near you it's like a connection that I felt from a past life
Like our souls are connected
Like we are meant to always find each other
The best and most beautiful
Things in your life
Cannot be seen or ever
Touched but you have to
Feel them with your heart.
True Love ❤️❣️❣️
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