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Light a match to melt the frost
From my heart, confused and lost.
I can't sleep
I can't eat
I can't hold you
I can't wipe away your tears
I can't take your pain away
I can't stand it
I can't see you
But I can still love you till you find me again
What is love?
If I may ask.
Is it butterflies
When they walk past?
Is it warmth that seeps
To your fingertips
When they gift you
With a soft gentle kiss?
Is it the trust
That gives you comfort
Or the peace that they give you
That you only used to have in slumber?
Is it the bond that you share
That can’t ever tear?
Is it dying for the one you live for?
What is love?
If I may ask.
Back in the far corners of my mind
where the walls are painted red
the carpet blood stain red
I left the light on for you.
Worlds collide, intertwining
For a period of time
Until the connection is lost.
Then break apart,
Whirling into separate orbits.
Thursday being that day before Friday
when we all get to play out or act out is
not a bad day at all,
a big shout out to the friends of Thursday,
I am honored
to hear all your deepest secrets

I'm sorry
I don't want to hear you at all anymore

your secrets cut through my skin
I wonder if I'll ever tell you mine
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