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Nov 2012
I was lost in this nameless island
and I could not find my way back home.
Sudden thoughts of mysteries
perplexed my mind;
how did I come here,
when I’m only about to love someone?

I wrote their names in the sand, indeed —
but it was only washed away
by the raging seas.
So then I realized,
it was the demise of all their love for me.

I walked the island —
and surrendered my heart in peace.
No one uttered those words
my ears ever wanted to hear,
so my tears could no longer be ceased.

When I’m about to **** my eyes
with the melancholic whisper of the breeze,
I suddenly found a starfish
beneath those ridging waves.

I was covered by contentment,
for I will never be alone anymore in this island.
So I ran towards her, to offer the warmth
she might had needed for years.

So lovely, so beautiful, so romantic,
I fell in the love all over again;
I felt something I could never explain.
I found the starfish beyond my solitude,
and hope she will be with me
until no more ends. 

Without doubts,
I decided to go nearer to where she was,
and took her away from the harmful water.
I was so happy,
now we are closer enough
to know each other better.

Is this really destined to happen?
I already begged for forgiveness
but still never forgiven.
I thought the water is harmful
so I took away what it owns,
and supposed that the starfish
would be glad if I would make her mine.
But suddenly, she just died.

When will I find complete happiness?
I thought I have already known
how to make everything stay with me,
but it only gave me loneliness again.
The starfish died because of me —
because of my selfish intentions,
I was so self-centered.

So then I realized,
the reason why people left me
even in the hardest battle in life,
and even I needed someone
when my laughter was outnumbered by cries.

Yes, every person I had — then vanished,
was just a reincarnation of the starfish.
© 2012
JK Cabresos
Written by
JK Cabresos  M/PH
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