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Jun 2018
When these buried emotions come to surface, they’re unexplained, unrecognizable. They can sometimes be Overwhelming. So much so that I’ve lost control of them, I don’t know what to do or where to go, or how to direct them. They explode like a million fireworks that fly in all different directions. How beautiful they are yet intriguingly unorthodox.
Each one a different color that represent every part of me and they blend together almost like a picture.
But then the picture fades and that’s when reality is no longer valid, without a picture there can be no reality. Just a blur of lost thoughts with no direction.
My sense of self has yet been lost again, so let me swim in this blur for just a moment without judgement and I promise you that reality will return as it always does.
And in that one moment that comes to pass ever so often, it can be unique, undeniably intriguing, yet hard to understand. It’s okay to let go of reality sometimes, for these brilliant colors can not be suppressed forever, and as time comes to an end, your artwork will be finished and the picture you have unwillingly painted will be clear to see.
Jessica B
Written by
Jessica B  32/F
       Colm, CJ Sutherland, --- and Sam
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