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May 2018
In the night the crickets are loud
The frogs croak as they abound
In the night the birds are asleep
Only bats are to be found

In this night the sun is down
The moon is hiding too
In this night the breeze blows cool
With the mist of sadness blue

The trees are dark and sky is black
No light can be seen
In the darkness I am stuck
Lying in agony

The sun never shines in here
The stars never twinkle
The howl of wolves and casted shadows
Cause my courage to dwindle

I'm all alone in this dark void
No soft voice to comfort
All I hear is resounding fear
And all I see is the darkness of night

I'm lost, no hope
The trail can't be found
I'm wandering to no avail
I'm lost in the dark surrounded by shadows

The shadows project
Monsters galore
Monsters I know all to well
Sadness and lonesome are two I make out, with anger and sorrow next to me

It seems in darkness eternally
Is where my soul is bound
For this darkness is thick
And the air is cold
How could i ever be free from this dark mind trick
Am I ever to be found
Written by
CloudedVisions  18/M/Minnesota
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