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May 2018
Where am I?
What path should I take?
Begin this new life waiting to die?
Or turn my old world?

Am I still stable? Or am I being consumed by the chaos?
Is this truth that I’m seeing or the fabricated delusions of insanity?
Just one step away from that finite darkness.

The uncertainty and despair it snatches at my ankles and neck like chains. Pulling me towards the wall of doubt. This sour taste of fear bleeding out of my mouth. It threatens to consume me now. Truly already so lost. This bird without wings trying to fly but fatally falling from grace.

So long I’ve been staring and searching for some semblance of a savior that I’ve been tying my own noose with the false  fibers of fabrication. Can I still be saved when my soul is so barely recognizable? Covered in acid and tar from my wretched past with blatant disregard for the lives around me. This dark cloud nearly has me now.
Can I be saved?
Can I be saved?

Suddenly bursting forth in a brilliant display, the light pierces through the darkness illuminating my face like an unforeseen kiss.
The veil is lifted.
The chains are broken
falling like ash.
Veneration percusses my soul and through squinted eyes I can see it all.

This truth I’ve been searching for. What was always inside whispering.
Too blind to listen.
Too deaf to see.
Overcome with indescribable peace I reach for the hand of solace.
The light melting this torment and anguish from my heart.
Climbing from that blind cave of oblivion I raise my face to my rightful place in the sun.
Blindingly taken with this beauty I once withdrew from.
I am reborn.
I am reborn.
Just wrote these lyrics to a song. The song will be a spoken word over a metal type instrumental. I drew my inspiration from the swelling style of the music and Plato’s allegory of the cave.
Kristina Weeks
Written by
Kristina Weeks  23/F/FL
     ---, Swathilris, Aslam M and eric calabrese
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