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Apr 2018
Do you love me anymore?

Does my name come up in your thoughts,
When your thinking about your to do list?

Does my face remind you of the smiles
And tears we went through together?

Do the halls and doors we walked through
Bring you warmth and familiarity?

Because it doesn’t seem like it does.

Because you find it so easy to walk out
The door every time you find trouble

Maybe you’ll always be the one
Holding the carrot up
And me, the stupid one who chases it
Just to find out it wasn’t worth it

Communication is what kept us together
But what you did was just brush me off
Like dirt on your shoulders

It’s funny how you think my emotions
Don’t matter to you
But all I did was trust you
With my emotions

There were points where you boiled my blood
Where I thought I was going to die
But somehow you save me
And leave me to drown again

Somehow I still love you
Even with all the games you play with me

You made me love you and hate you.

You turned my world upside down
And right side up.

Never once did I doubt you
Of the strength you had
To keep this together

You had me in the palm of your hands
But then decided to squeeze me
And choke me

You pushed till my breaking point
Until I doubted my own self

Now I’m all dried up
And my mascara tears are gone

Strength might not be there anymore
But my love is.
Mishy Kim
Written by
Mishy Kim
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