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Apr 2018
This small line is what defines your life
It knows nothing about social boundaries
It does not care about your race
Whether you were gay or straight.
Whether your life was happy or sad
Whether you were good or bad
It’s the dash between life and death

This is what defines your memory
It’s the kind word you said
The smile you gave
The help given when you were tired
The advice you gave or the shoulder to cry on
The heart you gave to others
It’s the place you hold in another’s heart
I wrote this thinking of my Grandmother. She took her life well before I was born. I never knew her personally all I ever knew was a face in a picture and a name. A few years ago I was looking at buying a home and I met the real estate agent at the address and we got talking. I handed him my name and he said I remember that name are you related to Phyllis. I replied yes and he recounted about when he was young he remembered her coming in to by groceries in the store where he worked. That conversation told me instantly what she was like the fact that forty years had past and he still remembered her fondly.
Written by
Karl Tomkins  29/M/Auckland, New Zealand
(29/M/Auckland, New Zealand)   
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