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Oct 2012
Dawn Is Still Dusk As
  I Walk From Security
Into A Dark World

         Evil Lurks In
            My Presence And It Is Ruthless  
                   A Cold Wind Nips Skin
                                            The Scent Of Blood Hangs
                                        In The Atmospheless Air    
                                  Trees Gaze Past The Twinge
                      Cry If You Need To
                         Stars Will Take Away The Tears
                              The Moon Will Kiss You

Remember The Chills?
   The Sun Starts Slowly Rising
            To See Our Faces

                             Nails On A Chalkboard
                     Claws On The Frosty Pavements
                               Grass Dying Below

                                               One Last Kiss From Me
                                   One Last Goodbye From Hate
                                                    The Veil Is Lifted

                      You Can Regret All
                               The Misery And Pain
                                         But What About Love

                  The Cold Onyx Pavement                                                               Will Someday Lead Us To Clouds
                 And We Will Forget

                                 A Deal With Demons
                            Withdrawn From Eternity
                                 Drawn From Forever

                                                        ­Tonight It's Just Me
                           But In My Dreams It's Me And You
                                              And Tonight We Dance

                       *On A Dance Floor Of Pavement
I'm Really Starting To Fall In Love With Haikus
Sydney Victoria
Written by
Sydney Victoria  F/Minnesota
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