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Mar 19
In this dark hole with many tunnels
A broken boy always trying to skip through..
Many times i tried... Many times i failed
Where is the lord of light
for my eyes are dim and my sight are dark

This dark hole with many trials
imprison this soul no more i pray thee
take me no more to this court of depression and judge me not, with this demons

This dark hole, home of vipers
**** through my spirit and dwell in my thought, running and endless race in my brain...
What is thou gain??
Are you not done yet???
I know you love to see me cry
and dance in pains
**** me dry and leave my life with ****** stains
buh yet again, you failed
cause in failure i succeed
and in my weakness i find my greatest strength
when i cry... I just soak the earth for a better me to germinate
so keep me or free me
buh if you won't let me out of this dark hole... Then i will bring light and make it home
Written by
Jay  23/M/Uyo
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