Jay Mar 23
If you don't know your worth at least know your words
Jay Mar 22
She carries a hill on her chest,
a mountain behind her
and her face is a rose
Her thighs threaten to leave their container
A glance at her is like taking alcohol before meal
Back you look again and again
Your heart becomes a cheetah
Increasing the pressure in your groins
In the walls of your mind,
her body graced your bed
Again, it happens
Today, you'd be a man
you jumped behind her
Like a lion set to attack its prey,
married her to the ground
and eased your pressure in her.
She's hurt, but your heart
is a hardened metal bar
You padlocked her lips with a life threat
Now, she's weak
Her belly contains the world;
a globe on its own
Her pride is lost
You've crushed a dream
You've caged a beautiful flower.
Jay Mar 22
I watch her as she's treated like a germ
behind her eyes there are whispers
A secret held
because once its revealed
they treat her like a bastard
my heart cries out and yarns to console
to show her acceptance
as she struggles to do so
death's cold breath raising hairs on her neck
At seventeen she faces this foe
lost in a world with too many stigma..
Three month ago
she was told to try it out
that everyone was doing it
That it was awesome and the sweetest thing ever
they told her the risk behind it were just a myth
''who is still a virgin at seventeen?''
they tease...
Why not get a bf and have fun..
Stop being too boring and anti-social
well, she did it.... She had fun
and the result is here
Jay Mar 22
The more you DRINK{alcohol}
the less you THINK
the more you SINK..
The more you SMOKE
the  CHOKE on you
the JOKES on you...
The more you DOPE
you lose your HOPE
the less you COPE...
Less words they say & more ACTION
so now you feel lik you own the WORLD and act with no CAUTION...
ATTENTION please!...
Let me speak to ya SOUL
like a good shepher ma calling the lost ones HOME...
The YOU in YOU, you gat to CONTROL
cause life is so UNPREDICTABLE like a dice you ROLL..
Your ALIVE today
tomorrow your a GHOST...
Your among the LIVING...
Make i no hear say u BOAST...
No amount of WEED you smoke can make u DOPE
no alcoholic drink can change the BAD to GOOD...
You want 2 pass EXAMS yet you don't want to read ur BOOKS...
You want To..
LACK OF VISION {i see}...
#Brosgetalife #BeINSPIRED #jay
Jay Mar 22
Tap tap tap on your little device
keep scrolling up and down
don't worry, i know your battery percentage is always greater than your sanity..
So come lets tarry and pray for electricity..
Shea.. You need to charge your brain?
i mean that small device that thinks for you..
Your little box of illusion...
Check how many friends are online
3,000 4,000 or maybe more
so i guess you don't give a f**k about Family and close friends around you..
Pls check if #Theycallmeslayqueeny has finally respond  to your million and one massages or if #Kingfreshboy actually liked your photos..
If not..
Clara has a nice dress and mike  
just got a new pair of shoes..
You can borrow em... Snap and post for us..
Your facebook likes must reach 5k nah
so my dear... Stay awake
count every likes and like every comment and when that battery of yours finally gets low...
Jay Mar 22
Am I that little, shy and fragile boy hiding behind a thousand words
while my self worth lay rusting in self doubt
I made friends with my  demons...
my invisible roommate
Am I that suckler that was nursed and raised by poetry
with no shelter for the cold night nor bed to sleep
I fed on words and words fed on me
talk to papers and fight with a pen..
i am the sad lyrics to a broken song..
see.. my bank account is empty but my brain is filled
my words are much but my lips are sealed
my hands are willing but my fingers are weak...
the society don't give a shit..
so the next time u want to know me.. just take your time to read my piece..
I am everything and I am nothing.. I am Nobody without a pen
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