Jay Dec 2018
Hey babe!
Can you slide the curtains for a while?
for the moon awaits your presence and the night is ready to stretch a beautiful portrait of you in the dark.  
can you feel the wind struggling to caress your jelly skin and the harmattan trying so hard to kiss your succulent lips?
Take a glimps at the sky and let your emerald eyes ascend to heaven, connecting every dotted starlight beneath the cloud into a beautiful shape of love.
Heaven's smiles at its own...
So sleep now Angel and let the stars and moon keep you company... GOODNIGHT!
Jay Nov 2018
Have you seen mabel?
A girl with a face marbled with gold
her smile can infect even the saddest heart to smile..
She commands words with her lips and her voice will remind you of heaven, like melodies escaping the beak of a bird
singing the joy of a new dawn.. .
Have you seen mabel?
She is the young girl with a mature mind.
clothed in purity, the ****** Mary of our generation.
When she walks even models take note for the earth adores her feet and her footprints leaves autographs for the young ones to
follow.. .
If you see mabel... Please!
Tell her she has stolen my heart,
for her eyes are the greatest weapon I've ever seen.
i couldn't resist her gaze..
Tell her someone is craving for her attention and How much will it cost?
Tell her, I'm Willing to pay.
Please, Tell her
when i rearrange her name ''MABEL'' i Find;
''Me'' ''Able'' and ''Bea''
and i believe she alone is able to handle this heart of mine.
Jay Oct 2018
The night reek of dead bodies
and the moon is scared of the sky.
These are breathing corpse,
scrambling for oxygen.
Can't you see their pitiful eyes?
Life is living through death
Broken coffins, laid opened.
The smell of dead bodies
made love with the atmosphere.
Why is the graveyard filled with empty tombs?
Has the soulless souls risen?
I can hear the cry of bush babies
rippled from decayed breast
Tonight we dine with the zombies
that roam our streets and drink from broken human skulls
Tonight we shake hands with death and dance with the spirits.
Jay Oct 2018
Have you seen kenya & Malawi??
Nigeria is worst
never should anybody say
we are the giant of Africa
it's a lie , the truth is
we are all failures
Thinking that
we actually succeeded
After independent
it's wrong and we know.
Living only for our pockets,
stealing from Nigeria
it's all we try to do
mutual respect, love and peace
will never be
biafra are fighting
fulani herdmen are killing
bokoharam are kidnapping
our country is a war zone.
Jay Sep 2018
I see a PEN
rising against nations
causing chaos and
bringing peace.
whoever shall wield a pen
will be possess and
filled with extraordinary powers.
men will worship and dance at his(her) feet.
I see poet-trees
growing even in desert
bringing forth good fruits and
feeding mankind with wisdom.
Men shall **** to taste its juice
and a day without reading a poem shall be like a day without hearing directly from *** Himself
Lawyers shall quote poets
to win a case and doctors in the psychiatric ward will prescribe poems three{3} times daily as the best remedy for bipolar disorder.
Descendants of EVANS
will no longer chase after rich politicians and business men buh for a man with the right ink.
A poem for freedom.
Poets will be scattered abroad
preaching the Goodnews of poetry..
The world will celebrate em
and many will force themselves to write.
I don't know when this will happen buh i know it will and when its does, i hope someone finds this post and quote my PROPHESY.
Jay Aug 2018
There is no love on me
without you..
like a food without salt
i lack taste...
How did you do it?
How did you leave a mark in my life
with a permanent marker?..
The memories of you
are like ink stain on a plain sheet
****! Hard to erase...
Remember how i wanted to just create memories with you...?
How i wanted to be THE GUY
until you meet YOUR GUY?
How i wanted to mend
your broken heart cause
i felt pretty girls shouldn't cry?
Yes! I ended up memorizing
your name in my dreams...
I got jealous of those guys
and became the crying one
oh! Foolish me...
Wish i knew today from yesterday..
That your body will soon get numb to my touch...
And your hands will no longer welcome my hugs...
Jay Aug 2018

I stand in a graveyard
of buried bodies, ideas and dreams..
Surrounded by millions of tombstones
the Epitaph
i dread to read..
The darkness welcomes me home
like a mother waiting for her child.
Tonight i dine with the ghosts
that hunts my night..
How do i show mama
the graves beneath my bed?
Where the innocent heads
she raised was killed and buried.
This holes dug by depression are deeper than her love could fill.
The silence is loud
i can hear them call
from within
This lovely voice of the devil
i can't resist..
i shall split my wrist
lie with my forefathers.
(c) Jay.E.udo
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