Jay 4h
I see the beautiful mask you wear,
A type that set your cheeks on a hill and play our eyes.
This makeup of lies;
lay a foundation on your face
and build a perfect smile of deceit,
hiding the pains beneath your eyes...
I see the beautiful mask you wear,
those clothes that covers the pains beneath your skin.
pose for the camera
hope the flashlight
illuminate your soul and force your cheeks to smile.
The pictures of you
pictures paradise
but your heart lives in hell,
drenched of sorrow..
Yet you somehow still draw those eyebrows so well and walk graciously on those heels..
They call you FAKE
I call you STRONG.
Jay 4d
The sight of you is like taking alcohol before meal..
It's gets me high..
When those balls on your chest dance to the rhythm of my heart.
my soulless soul found peace between your thighs
the express road to paradise...
So lemme drink from the spring that flows from your chest
the breast milk of liberty...
Let your nipples sleep in my mouth and wake to the calling of my tongue...
Lets both moan in love....
Jay Jul 15
Hello poetry...
Can we have this chat?
So i can spread my heart
on papers and hope you see it's broken pieces..
Let me bleed this painful sweet nonsense for my fingers are trembling in frustration and my pen is cold.
Hello poetry...
Can you please pick up the phone
before i pick up the gun.
My demons are right here.
Jay Jul 15
I have no more poems left in me,
Am just a poet without the ''e''.
A black pot filled with broken words,
burning out my sanity.
So, keep the ''i love you'' phrase
to yourself
cause at the end of the day
am just a tool you wash and use whenever you want.,
I have no more poems left in me,
am just a poet without the ''o''.
A pet to your selfish desires,
broken and tamed....
No more deadly kiss...
No more fake love...
Let me have my free-doom.
©Jay.E. Udo
Jay Jul 12
ghost now walks in the land
where the living died
the silent cry of innocent souls
hunt the night.
No more drums of war
for the drummers were killed too.
The night reek of blood
the smell of dead bodies
made love with the atmosphere.
Who will mourn the dead?
Who will sing the moonlight song?
For the night is quiet and calm.
© Jay.E. Udo
Jay May 25
Neat orderly lines of chairs
Rattling biro pens on sweaty palms.
An echoing hall of icy airs,
exhaling teens failing to stay calm.
A bald figure glares over nervous being through supervising glass,
you will find me right in the middle of a scanty class.
A graveyard of buried dreams.
I was made to find ''x'' and i don't understand ''y''
why, ''A B, A B'' was the only rhyme scheme on my answer sheet..
Why, i had to quote and live by the words of another man,
so i could secure an A, B or C on that last day.
Alphabet i might never use in life.
What if, I get an ''A'' in farming and ''F'' in mathematics??
Does it mean am brainless?
What if,
I can't spell the word ''vehicle'' but can actually fix it?
Does it make me any less better than you?
I can't stand these tests
designed to determine the worth of our mind.
Jay May 18
Tell me,
letting go is part of love too,
and this is your best way of showing it.
Tell me,
Am not the problem,
neither am i the solution.
Tell me,
You need space to figure out yourself and how your not a fan of distance relationship.
Tell me,
Am just perfect but not perfect together.
Go Ahead... read me the breakup speech and let me sympathize with you for cheating on me.. #dark
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