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Feb 2018
“Hello, my name is Rodriguez the tinpot dictator of South American country A. I came to power and made everyone a communist whether they liked it or not.
Those who disagreed disappeared. You see, I ain’t a bad man but as I’m in power I have to be firm and they’re no more.
Some call me Steel ***** as I go up against my country’s insurgents, in the pay of the Yanks, and tie down their capitalist forces in a futile war they can never win and I send the traitors’ families the bill for the bullets – pay up or die!
Everything went well till the Americans sent the Marines in and we beat them at first but now we are losing, so I’ll soon be out of a home and a job. I’ll find another country and take my cause to them, overthrow their government and be a dictator again.
Ill teach the Zionists a lesson and show them how a communist can fight.”
nick armbrister
Written by
nick armbrister  122/Two-Spirit/earth
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