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Feb 2018
"where love is.... a jealous girl
of the wind."


falling like a leaf
that sings to the sky
the cresting wave
draws down,
the honey sea
a miracle of dance.


deep vision of blue,
caves of grey iron,
the waters pool,
drifting with the
icy wind.Β Β 


sharp vowel of
frozen earth,
the songful
depths of winter
sink like the seas,
the dark notes
of the clouds an
accent above the
vaulting hills.


i sink like the seas
before your love,
my knees trembling,
my legs aroused,

i am a storm that
gathers the
horizons of your
sky, burnt into the
honeycombs of
the wind full of


the sky must sigh,
the wind whisper
to the sea; β€œtake
me home.”


i see you and my
body melts, your
love the breath of
the sea, the magical
tides of the clouds.
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beth stclair
Written by
beth stclair  England
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