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Feb 2018
You were cruel,
You were callous.

A weight I could never get rid of.
Yet I stayed,

I enjoyed the inflicted pain;
Sweet sorrow,
Sweet redemption.

I held you too close,
You stayed,
In your silence,
I felt your fears.

So I opened my hands,
Let you regain your freedom.

The process was slow,
And you slipped away.

I watched you hold her hand.
The jealousy,
Ugly and true.

I watched you hold his hand.
The jealousy,
Numb and rewarding.

We couldn't...

We couldn't stay away.
So we a sang and danced,
Bodies entwined in a darkened room.

Don't let me see you tears fall!

Don't let me see the agony I cause.

Heaven will forever bar it's doors,
And in it's silence,
We seek our fragile hearts.

The cycle repeats.
I hope you enjoy
Zainab Ibrahim
Written by
Zainab Ibrahim  21
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