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Sing me a song...
Give me a tweet,
A sweet little tweet,
A song to sing.

Give me a tune...
A delightful little melody,
Something to whistle,
Something to sing

Give me a gift...
Just a small one,
One full of thought and love.
Hello old friend,
It's been a while,
My dearest freind
I've missed you so.

I've missed the joy,
The emptiness and dark.

I've missed the agony,
The feeling of not knowing who I am.
There was no commitment in our relationship,
There was no believing in the other,
No trust.

You could not say you had my back,
Neither could I.

There was no warmth in our memories,
They were all cold and distant.

And as the days passed,
We teached oir end...

And you disappeared without a word.
Your beauty was youe grace,
Your eye the doors to heaven itself.

So why,
Why are tou here with me in the depths of hell.

You could have anyone,
Anyone of your choosing,
So why?
Can I lay by your side,
And watch the days pass by?

Can I hold your hand,
When my heart beats with fear?

Can I call you my reason for living,
When it seems there is nothing to live for?

Can I have your heart and soul,
And in return...

Can I give you my all?
When its over,
I'll come back to you.

When it's over,
We will re-unite,
And sing songs of golden joy.

When it is over,
I will say to you...

... "Welcome Home!"
Life is like a puzzle,
A game you cannot lose.

It requires patience and perseverance,
It also takes understanding.

It takes years for the pieces to fall into place,
But just one little fall...
One measly little falll,
Can cause the pieces to fall apart,
And plunge you into the depths of hell.
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