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Sep 2012
If you go down to the woods today,
Prepare for a big surprise,
For there you'll meet the Slenderman.
Believe me, I'm not telling lies.

As soon as you pick up that paper,
You're really not in for a treat,
For if you were to turn around,
Slendy, you will meet.

Watch out for Slendy's... Can I say face?
For then you'll see your doom.
Make sure your flashlight's on bright.
For in the shadows, he does loom.

No where's safe, not even the bathroom,
So I wouldn't go in there.
No, really, I wouldn't...
Welcome to Slendy's Lair.
Yes, I wrote a poem about the Slenderman. Deal with it! xD
Alice Penny
Written by
Alice Penny
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