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Moons gleaming
Has a true meaning.
A pure soul
Who wants to know
Past fields shinning.
Rose petals falling,
Our tears shedding.
The once cured cured,
Cancers blooming
In young hearts,
Coming to get you.
But I'll be there
and I'll catch you.
But I cant save you.
Clocks striking 3 am,
Watch the demons dancing
In silver slippers.
Green eyes showing
The pain inside.
It's time to say good bye.
Time to go dancing with the demons,
In your silver slippers.
Cancers come to take
My dying flower.
It spread over the seas
Shinning white like pearls.
Cancers come and gone
Demons dancing in silver slippers.
Her green eyes saw
The moons gleaming.
She wore a mask
That was constantly changing.
She looked out through with hollow eyes,
And all the world ever saw was her painted smile.
In her room she sat a thought
  "If I take off the mask..."
And that's as far as she got.
She cried all night,
Cracking her precious mask.
In her mind she turned away,
And it fell,
Shattering into a thousand pieces...
Her masks were all to small
And her smiles were all washed away,
She thought of death.
But that was a just hope
In a pretty mask.
She sat on her bed
And asked herself
   "If I was gone who would notice?"
That night she slept
Her demons all fast asleep
And the monsters were still inside her head.
But she slept a dreamless sleep.
Her mask slipped and shattered,
And the her guardian angel saw
Was a girl looking for a hero,
And he silently whispered
  "Please don't leave, I have seen the real you.
And I don't think I could live without you."
On her desk he laid out a pair of wings,
He crawled into her bed
And kissed her good night,
As he slowly died.
For the wings he gave her were his own.
With his last breath he said
   "I'll see you soon my angel. Don't say goodbye yet."
Once she woke in the might she saw the wings
And the feathers laying beside her.
She realized what happened.
And cried till the morning sun rose.
She took her wings and flew away.
The thought of him giving her his life,
Made her feel loved.
As the years passed she grew to love the real her.
And as she laid out in bed,
All feeble and weak,
She saw her guardian angel
With wings stapled to his back,
Flying down to say their final
Wishes and thank yous.
And together they whispered
    "It's time to leave, We have seen the real me.
And I don't think I could live without you.
With the love we have shared and the pain we have gone through,
I think its time to say goodbye."
And together they flew,
Into the burning sun.
With their last breath
They held hands and said
    "Never say goodbye. Say hello"
And with that the girl with hope
And her guardian were consumed in love.

The  family  watched  as  her  heart  slowly­  stopped,
They  watched  with  watering  eyes,
As  ­she  smiled
And  slowly  she  died.
There  was  no  pain.
T­hey  remembered  the  story
Of  the  guardian  ange­l,
The  broken  girl,
And  the  shattered  mask.
­And  they  just  knew
She  died  *happily...
She lives in a fairy tale
Doesn't care 'bout friends
Or money.
She waits up in la-la-land
Waiting for her prince charming.
Looking out past her bars and chains,
She didn't want to think about the court date
Or the bad things he did to her.
But who wants a girl
Stuck in a world
That no one understands?
She read of grand escapes
And secret passages,
But she was stuck in her mind.
Only falling closer to hell,
To her make believe hopes.
But who wants a girl who can't tell you
About how she feels,
Or what she needs.
They slowly lost all hope,
The noose swaying to and fro.
"But we love you"
Never did help their obsession.
The razors got bigger,
The burns got more frequent,
And they all got skinnier.
All the while society got meaner,
Voicing true beauty,
That no one could manage.
The mirrors slowly got clouded,
Hiding all their true feelings.
But with every day we lost
Another fighter.
No one saw their tears,
They covered all the scars,
And smiled,
All the while they where dying inside.
They all managed to stay alive,
Until they saw societies views.
The night finally came,
They kissed the moon goodnight,
They were going to start a life in the sky.
The  letter they wrote
Brought tears to those eyes who saw...
The note simply said
        "I'm Done."
They had fought the battle tooth and nail,
But they were shot down
By the idea of perfection.
They stood up bravely,
And fought.
They had no intentions
Of bringing pain
To those they loved.
They are in our hearts forever and always.
Though they said they were done,
We will always keep on the fighting.
No matter societies views,
The people who stand side by side,
Are what beauty is.
You are all loved....
This has been delayed way to long. This s too all the ones we lost in 2013.... We will always love you.
His body was left rigid,
In the snow,
All alone.
Truth be told,
He had a criminal mind,
And a half hearted smile...
It was just a guess that you were depressed,
That with each caress,
Your morbid mind would digest.
But being all alone,
Is really no way to go,
As you so surely demised.
Why did you try fighting it alone?
With me we could have postponed
The unearthly groan
Of what lived bellow...
I'll be your Loise Lane,
If you be my Superman,
And we will go flying away.
I''l be Sally and you be Jack,
And we will go running,
Running through the pumpkin patch.
You can be the Beast and I'll be Beauty,
Because with every day you hide the beast,
And show the beauty.
We fit together like your hand in mine.
Where you are, I'm sure to follow.
We have a love worth saving,
A love worth dying for,
And a love that shows our strength...
We are simply meant to be.
guess i'm in a lovey dovey mood....
It's here again
That feeling of doubt
I am at war with myself
I'm at the point of where I can't go back
Not this time I'm sorry
It's not you, It's me, is all I can say
Even my painted smile is fading
My mask is falling
I know you'll be there for me
But you know life is like flies
Friendship is born and it dies
It's like standing on the ledge
A breath away from spiraling downward
Past cotton candy clouds
I really don't mind this demise
My heart is flying
But my mind is dying
I know its to late but I want to start over
I'm going to rewrite the first page of my life
You know my mind could be fixed
But hell has a lullaby that is so calming
Come and fix me please
Play a game of doctor to fix my weeping soul
I don't believe my body could take another cut
What can I do?
It's here again
I know this pain wont last
I know that this knife wont help
But to see the cotton candy clouds
Sweetens up the whole deal
But a hug just might help
One of flesh and blood
But once I get to close
I go spiraling down farther
Down to hells sweet lullaby
But this feeling
This feeling of doubt will go
It will go past cotton candy clouds
To a safer place
Past cotton candy clouds.
To those who understand what this means...
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