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R A Sanders Aug 2014
What do you want me to say?
Oh I'm fine, yeah I'll be okay.
I'm not depressed
I don't have a reason why,
If you tell me not to be sad,
I guess I'll try.
I guess I won't sit up all night,
I guess I won't tear up or cry,
Because you told me not to, right?
I'm not depressed,
But I am and you don't mind.
R A Sanders Oct 2013
Give me something beautiful,
something beautiful to write.
Something about how the good guys always win,
something about the books we read as children, coming to life.
I need someone to tell me how the prince will come,
and the weather will change it's season this time.
I need a little hope,
I need something to help me feeling inside.
R A Sanders Sep 2013
He held her while she shook; violently, terrified.
When the shaking ceased she stood still as stone, and waited for the tears to fall,
but when the tears didn’t fall,
and the earth began to shift she walked on.
Pushing the arms that had held her through the fight, she pushed forward as her world fell back.
The darkness grew and the cold became bitter, and she walked on alone,
because lonely was all she ever knew.
R A Sanders Aug 2013
It's been a while since I've been here,
I regret every time I do,
Gaining and loses pieces,
It's a game you don't want to play,
If you ever do, you'll feel as I do,
I fill the spaces,
Take my time with the glue,
Nothing feels quite like you,
I wonder if you'll ever let me get put together,
You like to watch me come unglued,
Yet it hurts so good when you do.
R A Sanders Jul 2013
I'm lying in bed, Watching the fan,
Wondering how you could say those hurtful things you said,
Wondering how I could of been so dumb,
I guess dumb and love goes hand in hand when your young,
And I'm so young,
And I'm so in love;
And now you're not around.
R A Sanders Jun 2013
I'll just let you down,
That's what I thought,
When I left this little town,
With not even a wave goodbye,
Now here I am two years later,
Coming in the limits of this town,
And I keep wondering if you still hang around here?
The trees still make the same sound as they blow,
The grounds look beautiful this time of year,
Nothing changed since I left here.
I passed that cracked stop sign,
I wonder if you ever lived down my name,
That Summer of '03 was the best of my life,
There's still damage from our reign,
I've been here for twenty minutes and your already stuck in my head,
And when I saw you walking down the street,
It felt like I never left.
R A Sanders Jun 2013
I'm sitting in this empty booth,
Waiting to long for you to come,
I guess I'll just pay for my drink and go,
I'm tired of waiting for a man.
You always said it is what it is,
I shouldn't want it any other way,
And if I do, I should walk away from you,
I don't know why I want you around.
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